Is There A Difference Between Parties?

Election Day has become a farce. We are forced to vote for candidates with little difference between them. There are voters who care little about the qualifications, experiences, loyalties or even honesty of the winner of this popularity contest, so long as it’s their party choice.

Political candidates show no allegiance to their own party, so who receives their loyalty, surely not the voter. Democrat today, Republican tomorrow. When these switch-hitters get into office, they become status quo politicians, put there by uneducated party line votes.

In our own race for the 23rd Congressional District seat, vacated by John McHugh, the Republican Party has chosen Dede Scozzafava, a known liberal who votes Democrat. She is for all the same liberal policies being forced upon us by the new Obama Administration. Abortion, Gay Rights, Same Sex marriage, out of control spending, tax increases, hidden cuts to aid for Seniors, a $180 million state bank bailout, and reforms to change this country into a Socialistic Government. She is endorsed by Acorn. Where is the thinking of the Republican Party? Again, I say there is no difference.

Until now.

I had the chance of meeting Doug Hoffman in person a few weeks ago at an Oswego County Conservative Committee event. Honestly, I have been disturbed for years by the Conservative party endorsing Democrats and/or Republicans during any election. This time, I believe they have found a true Conservative.

Doug Hoffman stands for all those rights, beliefs and American traditions we have grown up with.

New York State’s real Mr. Smith goes to Washington, a Jimmy Stewart type.

Doug is against the attempt to reorganize America for the worse. He is the antithesis of the two candidates running as Hybrid Democrats and Republicans. He is against big government take over of a country we believe should stay of the people, for the people and by the people. Doug Hoffman stands for honesty, family values, true justice, liberty, a voluntary sharing of our wealth, not government enforced; Capitalism, small government, support of small business, the right to voice opinion or disagree with authority in a peaceful manner, without government retaliation; accountability by a government that works for the people, not we for them; a strong economy, thus a strong America; a strong defense, refusal to bow down and kiss the hand of our enemies, belief in God and the Constitutional Rights given our citizens, term limits and above all, a country under God, as we were founded as a Christian Nation. That sounds like the American Way to me.

He is a soft-spoken, gentle spirited CPA, but, when the subject comes up of a changing America and loss of freedom, there is a fire within him, a fierce competitors glare that says my name is Doug and I’m here to fight Goliath. He believes in the Constitution as written, and is determined to correct a runaway government.

I believe there is a true independent conservative movement in this country, and I will be registering Independent after this election. Doug Hoffman is one of many true Conservatives getting into the fight to save America, while helping the area he was born, raised and works in, upstate New York. If you are fed-up with cookie cutter candidates and switch-hitting Liberals, get Doug Hoffman elected as New York State’s voice in Congress. While the Dems and the once Grand Old Party are bashing each other, Doug Hoffman is quickly gaining ground with the tea-baggers, astro-turfers, “Mob” voters who want their country back.

This is the only congressional seat in the country up for election. It’s a national issue.

How goes Upstate New York, goes the entire country. The likes of Pulosi, Reed and the rest of the Democratic Socialists, and a confused GOP are pushing Dede as one of their own. She is about even with Doug Hoffman for second place, being over taken due to exposure of who she really is, a RICO (Republican In Name Only) a Liberal wrapped in Republican clothing.

Vote for Doug Hoffman, it’s your chance to win back America. Send a message to Washington and the Liberials.

Al D Squitieri,Sr
Fulton, NY