ISMA Top Ten Race-to-Race Power Rankings

By – John Coe

1. (+1) Chris Perley.
#11 Vic Miller-owned Miller Chassis. “The Rowley Rocket” was back in victory lane for the fourth straight year at the Sandusky Hy-Miler. Perley only managed a sixth on Friday night’s 40-lapper, leaving many to think that there would be a different winner this year. On Saturday, though, Chris chased down and passed Dave Shullick Jr. and removed all doubts as to who is still the man to beat in ISMA. Although not as dominant this season, most teams would still love to have the season the 11 team is having.

2. (+2) Mike Lichty. #84 Brad Lichty-owned Brave Chassis. Mike has had a trying season so far. Sandusky was more of the same as Lichty had problems qualifying. The 84 had to start in the last row in as competitive of a field of supermodifieds as any this season. Somehow Mike found his way through the traffic to finish third. After finishing only tenth on Friday and the problems earlier in the evening, the Patco team has to be proud of the charge that the young Lichty put on.

3. (-2) Mark Sammut. #78 Mark Sammut-owned Sammut Chassis. Mark had been having a great season and looked to carry momentum from his first win at Cayuga to Sandusky. Sandusky produced a “bump in the road” to his great season, however. Friday, he never really got a chance, as he was involved in the mayhem in turn one. Sammut came back out, but was relegated to fifteenth at the checkers. Saturday didn’t get any better, as Mark had to run the consolation race. Then in the Hy-Miler, Sammut’s run was ended on lap twelve when the 78 had the rear end let go.

4. (-1) Russ Wood. #29 Jeff Holbrook-owned Allegresso Chassis/#28 Eric Lewis-owned Lewis/Allegresso Chassis. “Woody” was given a ride in Eric Lewis’ 28 for the Hy-Miler after the Holbrook 29 had the motor expire Friday night. Russ gave the 28 a fantastic run; staying in the top five all race long and ending up fourth. Wood always seems to raise his game in the big races, and Saturday was no different despite driving a borrowed car.

5. (New) Dave Shullick Jr. #61 Clyde Booth-owned Booth Chassis. “The Silver Bullet” was back and Shoe II was hungry for a win. Dave came up just short both Friday and Saturday, finishing second both nights. Shullick ran out of time Friday, as he chased Randy Burch across the stripe. Saturday, he put the 61 out front, only to have Chris Perley sneak by and take the win. Clyde can at least say his car set fast time Saturday…

6. (New) Charlie Schultz. #7 Dave and Lori May-owned Bodnar Chassis. The recently crowned “King of Wings” made everyone aware that the red 7 would be a force to be reckoned with for the Hy-Miler Friday, finishing third. Charlie felt with more laps, he could have won. Schultz got more laps Saturday, but didn’t have the speed to get to the front, settling for fifth. “Chargin’ Charlie” is always a threat to win when ISMA is in the Midwest region.

7. (-) Dave McKnight Jr. #94 Brad Lichty-owned Brave Chassis. Dave finally seems to be putting some of the early season struggles behind him. McKnight came home with top ten finishes both nights, coming home seventh and ninth. Although not much to brag about, the Patco team avoided the carnage and can tune on the 94 to get it back near the front of the field.

8. (-2) Ben Seitz. #88 Bruce Budnick-owned Budnick Chassis. Coming off a fine run at Cayuga, Ben looked to keep the positive momentum building. Seitz followed up a thirteenth Friday with a solid eight in the Hy-Miler. Ben started deep in the field both nights, making his runs more noteworthy. Action was all around him, but he managed to roll the 88 on the trailer with decent finishes.

9. (New) Rob Summers. #97 Howie Lane-owned Petro/Bodnar Chassis. First off, let me say I am glad to see Rob Summers back in the 97, as I was told he was out and Ordway Sr. was in. Secondly, it’s even better to see him in a car that is capable of running up front. Robbie got his first top five of the season, finishing fourth Friday. Then Summers had a solid run in the Hy-Miler, coming home seventh. All-in-all, it’s good to see this team rejuvenated and running well again.

10. (-5) Jeff Holbrook. #35 Holbrook-owned Allegresso Chassis. Jeff would probably rather forget this year’s Sandusky Hy-Miler. Holbrook came home eleventh on Friday, and was hoping for better on Saturday. Jeff ended up on his roof after getting lapped and then tangling with Lou Cicconi. Neither was pleased, as they showed their frustrations. Hopefully the Holbrook team can piece the 35 back together and have it running like it was at Cayuga.