It’s Never Too Early To Get Into the Helmet Habit

Submitted Article

OSWEGO, NY – Healthy habits start young and Addyson St. Onge knows how to keep her brain safe while on her tricycle.

Addyson St. OngeAccording to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, one-seventh of all fatalities are children between the ages of 5 and 15, most commonly due to traumatic brain injury.

“A bike helmet is a simple affordable way to absorb the energy of a crash on your bike,” said Billie Crandall Brady of the Oswego County Traffic Safety Board.

During the school year, Crandall Brady visits schools to teach about bike and helmet safety; and all summer she and her bike technician crew visit recreation programs to conduct bike rodeos which simulate sharing the roadway with cars and pedestrians.

“Bike rodeos are an excellent teaching tool that help children practice basic safety skills on their bikes and shows the correct way to wear their helmet,” said Brady. “Kids learn the importance of stopping at stop signs, railway crossings, and crosswalks, and that bikes are considered vehicles just like cars.”

Some rules to remember:

Always ride on the right side WITH traffic

Always wear a properly fitted helmet – straight and level across your head, two fingers above your eyebrow and snug under your chin

Follow all signs – stop at stop signs and red lights

Wear proper footwear – sneakers tied, no sandals or flipflops

Make sure you have reflectors or a light on your bike and reflective clothing if riding at dusk or at night

Always stop look and listen at railway crossings

Pay attention to your environment around you while driving your bike – “scan” the route with your eyes as you ride to try and anticipate hazards like sticks, sewer grates, dogs, or garbage in your path

Yield to pedestrians – they have the right of way!

If you would like to request a bike rodeo for your educational event, or have questions about traffic safety education, call Crandall Brady at the Oswego County Traffic Safety Board at 343-2344, or email Brady at [email protected]