It’s A Major Award

FULTON, NY – As an homage to the classic movie A Christmas Story, local businessman Mark Sherman has recreated the infamous “Fra Gi Le” leg lamp from the 1983 comedy.

Fra Gi LeIn the film, when Ralphie’s father wins a contest and his “major award” is delivered in a giant wood crate, he climbs inside the box to discover a leg lamp, adorned with a fish net stocking, complete with black fringed satin shade.

“Do you know what this is? This is a lamp! Isn’t it great! What a great lamp!” Ralphie’s father exclaims. “I know just the place for it, right in the middle of our front room window!”

At that point, Raphie’s narrator voice comes in. “It was indeed a lamp. And the old man’s eyes boggled, overcome by art.”

And, like in the movie where the leg lamp is displayed in the front window of The Parker home for the whole neighborhood to see, Sherman’s “Fra Gi Le” is displayed in the front window of his business Letters, Signs and Specialties, on South Fourth Street.

If you know anyone else in the city of Fulton who has a clever or interesting outdoor holiday display email the address to: [email protected]

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