It’s A No Brainer!

To The Editor:
I have heard that expression (No Brainer) many times referring to resolutions requesting actions by the legislative body.

Today I was able to be present when three No Brainers were presented to the EDP committee.

I will try to make this as short and humorless as possible.

I will only talk about one at a time.

First up: A resolution asking the county to enter into an intermunicipal agreement.

On the surface this looks like something the county should do without thinking (No Brainer).

You have to look a little deeper when your talking about taxpayers’ money.

Some time ago the county leased a piece of property to the city of Oswego on a long-term lease for $1 a year.

The city took that land and transformed it into what is now called Legends Fields.

Six baseball fields to be used for city softball and city baseball games.

Over the years the fields have lost the draw and are in need of repair.

The city having beat this horse to death asked a management company to come in and run the complex for the city.

Now that management company has come up with a plan to modernize the fields in an attempt to draw teams in for tournaments.

I think this is great!

The problem I have is that this company along with the city wants the county to help pay for the renovations, a three-way split.

The total cost is not known at this time.

Now this is my No Brainer!

It should be a no vote.

The city built it; the city should maintain it and any improvements should be covered by the city and its management company.

We will offer no resistance to the upgrades but not any taxpayer money.

Taxpayer money is to be used for services to the taxpayers, not as business ventures that the main profiteer is a private company and a group of privately-owned hotels.

Governments should not hinder economic development but should not use taxpayer money to profit private entrepreneurs.

Legislator Frank Castiglia jr. 25th District


  1. Kinda like all the PILOTs that are given so freely around the county? Isn’t that a taxpayer subsidized program to corporations? Everyone should pay their share when it comes to taxes. And that my friend is a no brainer…..

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