It’s About Basics!

To The Editor:
On Thursday, April 12, 2018, in the Oswego County Legislative Chambers, the Oswego County Legislative body passed resolution # 4. The significance of this resolution is that it approved the hiring of a firm from Saratoga Springs to come to Oswego County and train up to 50 county employees a course called “Basics of Grant Writing.”

The total cost is not to exceed $6,000.

The cost is $120 per person plus travel costs of the trainer.

A member of the majority caucus did admit that upon completing of this course the participants will not be grant writers but will have the ability to know where grants may be found.

You might say right now, “Frank that is cheap.”

You might be right, but for the fact that the same course in MD is only $35 per person.

I know we are not in MD we are in New York.

Also, what if I told you that we pay about $1,100,000 now of county taxpayers’ money for grant writing?

Would you still think that this is cheap?

Would you say, “Why are we bringing an outside group into our county to train our people? Why aren’t we using someone from one or a combination of people that we already pay to do grant writing to train our people the basics of grant writing?”

Basics Of Grant Writing: On line: An introduction to Grant Writing by Bloomerang on YouTube-Free, Videos of Basics of Grant Writing-Free on line, Grant Writing: The Basics-Free-YouTube.

Why would the County Legislature pay a private company to teach a course that is offered online for free?

Why wouldn’t they use our own employees?

Why? Because they may have fallen victim to the Stupidity Virus again. The cure is common sense.

We have some very smart and hard-working county employees that are more than capable and if asked would perform the task of training fellow employees the basics of grant writing.

Yes, we need grant writing training in the county. But, where it might be needed the most is in all municipalities (towns, villages and cities) before we train more employees at the county level.

Doing that would be true shared services.

Frank Castiglia Jr.
Oswego County Legislator 25th District