It’s Budget Time Again!

To The Editor:
Just received my copy of the Tentative County 2016 Budget on Tuesday Nov. 23.

Well, low and behold taxes for a city of Fulton taxpayer are up again.

I will not be voting in favor of this budget as it stands.

Just a few things that make my stomach turn are these: $1,000 a piece per chair -total of 12 chairs, $100 a chair for a training center – total of 24 chairs, $1,000 debit cards for all legislators (I refuse mine each year).

Also, $1.75 million coming is coming out of the general fund.

How any legislator can vote in favor of this budget is beyond me.

A budget where a department head asks for and gets approved for the purchase of chairs that cost a little over $1,000 apiece.

This at a point in time when more than 600 people are looking at possibly losing their jobs.

These same legislators were at a rally asking to save these peoples’ jobs, but will not blink an eye to spend those same taxpayers money freely.

There must be cuts and lots of them.

Asking each department head to cut their budget by 7% would not hurt them or the services it may mean no new hires, but no layoffs.

Legislator Frank Castiglia Jr. 25th District