It’s Coming! Oswego Dragon Festival

It’s Coming! Oswego Dragon Festival, September 8, 2012 at Breitbeck Park in Oswego!

Join us for the first ever Oswego Dragon Festival Saturday, September 8, 2012 on beautiful Lake Ontario in Oswego, NY. Racing will be at Breitbeck Park in Oswego beginning at 9am. Championship Race will be at approximately 2:45.Teams of 20 paddlers, a drummer and steerer race in authentic Hong Kong-style, 40-foot-long dragon boats. All skill levels and physiques can paddle, making it the ultimate team building sport, requiring synchronicity and finesse, more than power to win. There are twenty-two teams registered in this inaugural dragon boat race from the community, corporate and student divisions. The Oswego Dragon Festival committee, comprised of local business and industry leaders, Y staff, SUNY Oswego staff and volunteers, have been planning this event for over a year.

This event is a fundraiser for the Oswego Y’s 2012 Strong Kid’s Campaign, with a goal of raising $50,000. The Strong Kid’s Campaign dollars provide access to youth, families and seniors in the Oswego Community to Y programs such as Y Day Camp, SACC-School Age Child Care, swim lessons, membership, senior programming and more. The Oswego has partnered with 22 Dragons from Montreal, Canada to bring dragon boat racing to Oswego. 22 Dragons brings dragon boat racing to communities all over Canada and the U.S. to help charities raise funds for their causes. Funds raised during the Oswego Dragon Festival will help youth, families and seniors learn, grow and thrive in the Oswego Community.

While there will be spectacular dragon boat racing all day, there will also be Dragonland with air hops, facepainting, traditional Chinese games and Parkour demos for kids of all ages. Rudy’s, Won Ton House and Deb’s Funnel Cakes and more will also be in the park for the day. Music will be playing throughout the day with Dam Dog taking the stage at 11am and House on a Spring at 1pm.

For more information regarding the Oswego Dragon Festival, please call Jackie at the Oswego Y, 315-343.1981 or email: [email protected]

Introducing the Teams:

The Ontario Otters:

Led by Team Captain Ellen Clark they are FUN, FAST and PHENOMENAL! Okay, maybe just FUN! Yes, that’s it!!! We are looking forward to a having a really great time with some really great people for a really great cause!

Jamaican Jammers:

The majority of team is comprised of Oswego hospital people such as MD’s nurses, physical therapist, paramedics, patient access representatives, and surgical staff. And the rest of the people are spouses, friends and people who like to plain and simple like to have fun~~thrill seekers. The name of our boat is called the Jamaican Jammers. We are all very competitive but we also like to have a lot of fun.

Oswego State Lakers:

Active Participants In Educating & Strengthening Our Community

Oswego State Campus:

Recreation Staff: “Work Hard, Play Harder”

Oswego State Fitness Center:

A collection of the finest and healthiest student staff this side of the Oswego river. Our intense Olympic level endurance training and strict muscle enhancing diet will prepare us for victory against all worthy competitors. Training begins September 7, 2012.

Lake Effect Lizards:

Team Levine’s Lake Effect Lizards bring together the brawn and brains of some of the Oswego Y’s best friends in fitness to paddle strong in Oswego’s inaugural Dragon Festival. Tapping the inner game of area runners, riders, swimmers and other little known forms of athletic endeavors, the Lake Effect Lizards aim to move forward (in the same direction) and paddle circles (in a straight line) around all other boats. The Lake Effect Lizards will take the festival by storm!

Sisters in Sync:Together, Hope Floats:

We are women rowing to salute cancer survivors and committed to providing support for people fighting cancer. We are scrappy warriors ready to fight like girls and win for the cause.

Draggin’ Rites:

It’s been said that in order to tame the mighty beast known as “The Dragon” it takes a community of driven, determined, dedicated warriors to band together in a show of unity. Dating all the way back to the Norse Tales of Sigurd the Dragon Slayer all the way to today’s campfire tales of Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the III, myth and lore of conquering the dangerous and intimidating Dragon span across every plain of existence. Story tells of a collection of courageous conquerors that shall take to the shores of Lake Ontario on the second Saturday in September in 2012 in order to best the beast. Albeit by chance, these selections for the sensationally un-simple task of taming the beast have the bloodline of dragon slaying born into them with the Heroism of Hiccup, the Selflessness of Sigurd and the Camaraderie of an entire Community. Together these 21 Wizards of the Water, known to all our grandchildren’s grandchildren by simply Dragon’ Rights, will stand tall as the Victors on that heralded day Lake Ontario was overtaken by the mighty 22 Dragons.

Blazing Paddles:

For eons of generations spanning across our family, rooted deep in the Oswego heritage, our ancestors told of a tale where one day, an extraordinary team of valiant individuals would rise up and tame the mighty beasts known as dragons in order to once again bring peace, togetherness, and a new found sense of community to all of the people throughout the lovely land of Oswego. The prophecy foretold that on the eighth day of the ninth month in the two thousand and twelfth year on our sacred land that these individuals would band together to give others hope, to provide safe times and environments for the children of our great nation to grow and thrive. These individuals would come together from all across the land, some strangers meeting for the first time, and in their wake to remember their storied triumph over the 22 Dragons that came to their shores that day were scorched earth and ash from their mighty Blazing Paddles.

Dragon Ass:

We are a group of hard working guys and gals looking forward to working together as a team to have some fun on the water and paddle our butts off.”

Fitz and the Tantrums:

The still waters of Lake Ontario are broken by an eerie plaintive keening. Take heed all those who hear the cry for it portents the arrival of the most feared tribe of warriors to ever wield a paddle. They thrive as an eclectic and nomadic band of highly skilled and seasoned athletes whose emphasis on the psychological and social aspects of competition has crushed many an opponent before a battle is even contested. Their training and preparation for the epic battle of Oswego has been limited and focused on the principles of . . . the “THINK SYSTEM”. Through this system, the athletes immerse themselves in deep thought as to what might be involved in actual exercise and simplistic visualization of how to perform. The team has discovered a drastic reduction in training injuries and fatigue with this method which gives them more time for enhanced carbo-loading. The heraldic crest features a wee cranky Viking child flanked by the oars of war, invoking a disastrous combination of social diseases. (Um, I mean, TRAITS, not diseases.) Their motto “we conquered, we ate, we took ibuprofen” strikes fear in all who battle them.

This . . . is . . . Fitz and the Tantrums!

Sadie’s Dragon:

To honor Sadie Wilson, a 2 year old from Oswego fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, our team has named our boat “Sadie’s Dragon”. Sadie had just started taking advantage of the children’s programs at the Oswego YMCA, along with her twin sister Layla, when she was diagnosed. Our team encompasses a diverse group of rowers, all with varied interests and athletic resumes. Many have participated in triathlons, hiked mountains, cycled long distances, done Zumba and yoga – but all place high value on our local YMCA’s and their importance in our community. Our team goal is to have fun while at the same time raising awareness for both Sadie’s fight and the services the YMCA of Oswego provides for the children of our community.

Alfey the Wonder Dragon- The Spirit of Oswego:

Legend has it that along the historic shores of Lake Ontario in Oswego, New York, 21 native folk gathered on a fall day in 2012 to help build a community, and foster the health of area children and families. Alfey the Wonder Dragon, a water vessel built upon the outreach and civic-mindedness of Alliance Bank, Furdi’s Homes, Shanley Law Office and Step One Creative; as well as the hard work, determination, and commitment of those 21 friends, family members, entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes, parents, and community advocates… became folklore in these parts. A legend was born that September day, founded on the true premise and spirit of Oswego – the act of giving.

AL (Alliance Bank)

F (Furdi’s)

EY (Shanley Law Office)

TheWONDER (Step One Creative)Dragon

Pathfinder Power Paddlers:

Pathfinder Bank is excited to be part of the first ever Oswego Dragon Boat Festival. We are thankful to the organizers for providing a great team building opportunity. Pathfinder Bank and our employees are proud to power a dragon boat and proud to give back to our community. We look forward to competing with other local dragon boat competitors all in a great effort to support the Oswego YMCA 2012 Strong Kids Campaign.

OYC Draggin’ Butts:

Eclectic group representing the Oswego Yacht Club and fun on the water!

Freakishly Strong:

Who is bold enough to have a team name like “Freakishly Strong”? We are. You want to know about dragons? We’ve been slaying proverbial dragons for years. Across the oceans fighting foreign dragon wars, we are freakishly strong. Fighting personal dragons here on our home front, we are freakishly strong. And now to begin anew, the team Freakishly Strong bands together with years of experience to fight Dragons for the Strong Kid’s Campaigns! The dragons spoken of in this fight are not ones of war or domestic enemies, these dragons need to be extinguished in order to bring a new life to the once prosperous land by lake! Freakishly Strong has assembled a team of 21 competitive, intelligent, and most importantly, philanthropicPaddlers to bring back the light taken from this town and give back the once lost hope to the kind people of Oswego! Paddles up for Freakishly Strong while we slay the Dragons and bring back the light to the Land by Lake!

Huff n Puff:

Led by our fearless leader, Alice Reardon, we are a multigenerational group of family and friends coming together for a worthy cause-the Oswego Y Strong Kids Campaign.

City Slickers:

City Of Oswego employees banding together to compete and support a great community event.

Fire Dragons:

The Fire Dragon represents an eclectic group of people much like the definition, they are the most righteous, outgoing and competitive of all Dragons, the Fire Dragon will expect a lot from everyone. But while he may be demanding and aggressive, he is also blessed with enormous energy and has a lot to offer in return. The Fire Dragon Team is excited to be part of the first Oswego Dragon Festival!

Dirty Oars and Rugged Seamen:

We are a group of parents coming together to help make our community stronger! We coach and volunteer to help kids become more involved and active withintheir community. Our goal is to help children become strong in mind, body and spirit! We believe that children who live active lives live to behealthier and happier adults.

Puck’n Row:

Puck ‘n Row, Do or Die, you never will know unless you TRY!!! From the fierce rinks of Oswego to the heart-stopping danger of Lake Ontario, this crew “Puck ‘n Row” has decided to put their strength to the test when they compete on Sept 8th at the inaugural Dragon Boat Race. The tenacious crew of “Puck ‘n Row” is all about breaking rules, flying blind and bringing the unexpected, but nothing less than the BEST. The Puck Crew of Koproski, Bartlett, Stephens, Livesey, and Winchek and the Row Crew of Callen, Avery, Shiel, Hooper, Casper, and Isham come together to form the perfect blend of brut and finesse…Watch out Oswego!