It’s not the buses

To the editor

I am a resident of the First ward and live at the intersection of Montcalm and Bronson Streets across from a fraternity house. I am witness to the situation at hand regarding the buses that transport students in the residential neighborhoods.

Right now the idea is to pass a local law restricting what routes the buses can take. I disagree with that solution. What happens if the bus operators use mini-vans, econo vans, rent out the buses to the students or the students drive their cars?

If a lawsuit happens, as a result, and the courts decide you cannot restrict the buses, what’s the back up plan?

It’s not the buses. It’s the parties.

I’m not a fan of the buses. But the students get off the buses at a party then get back on the buses and leave. The buses do seem to have helped reduced students walking through the streets at late hours. Late at night the noise is excessive, yards are used as restrooms, cars keyed, and other types of vandalism takes place.

Kids who are walking are the problem. Now you want more kids walking streets by restricting the buses?

This is a quality of life issue.

I have lived here for the last two years and I’m not going to put up with it any more. I can’t believe that people living in this neighborhood had to put up with this for years. No one should have to deal with this type of behavior.

I am tired of hearing the statement that this is a college town and it is just students doing what students do. That’s an insult to the owner occupied residences and all of the students who are not disruptive and work hard for their degrees.

I lived next to students for over 30 years on Franklin Avenue and they were good neighbors, because they had a good landlord and parties were not even a possibility. We need to say enough is enough when it comes to house parties.

SUNY also has to be part of the solution. They can longer take the position that once the students cross Sheldon Avenue, that they have no responsibility. I’m sure that President Stanley doesn’t tolerate this type of behavior on campus.

Let me say it again. It’s not the buses, it’s the parties. When the police are called about one of these parties, everyone’s ID should be checked and if they are underage and drinking they should be arrested, including the people responsible for hosting. Serving minors is against the law. You do this consistently every time and the message will get sent. No parties equals no buses.

Dave White
Oswego, N.Y.