It’s time for 7

To The Editor:

It is time for the Oswego County Legislature to universally adopt a 7 p.m. meeting time.

Serving in our county legislature for almost a year I will be the first to acknowledge there are areas in which we are moving forward, but it is also my elected job to make the public aware of an area that has fallen desperately behind.

Well over half of the full legislature and county committee meeting times for this year have occurred during the daytime, anywhere from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This is a very outdated way to operate government.

These daytime meetings prevent a large majority of citizens from attending and engaging in county government.

Oswego County faces many challenges, some which did not exist just a year ago.

For example, our tentative county budget for 2017 is pulling more than 2 million dollars from our fund balance to cover a large increase in foster care placements.

As a governing body we continue to address this emergent need in addition to a long list of critical issues facing our county.

Moving forward it is most important that we as a legislative body make it as efficient as possible for the public to have a voice in county government.

I ask my fellow legislators, do we really expect our citizens to attend a 2 p.m. meeting time?

As we all continue to strive in growing our communities we must not forget to do the little things.

As a legislative body we all have goals.

I have developed relationships with legislators on both sides of the aisle who are striving to find solutions to large issues.

But as we continue to strive we cannot forget that we are here to make government work for the people.

Simply put, a 2 p.m. Oswego County Legislature meeting time doesn’t work anymore.

It is time for a universal 7 p.m. meeting time.

In closing, I ask the citizens of Oswego County to join me in this cause.

Engage your county legislator.

Call your representative and tell him or her that your county government should stand on this principle of accessibility.

Tom Drumm
Oswego County Legislator, District 16

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  1. Unless it is something earth shattering people don’t care about the meetings. The biggest crowd will be the library people at the next meeting looking for their yearly handout. Local school boards have night meetings and they are not well attended and their tax rates are 3 – 4 times higher as the County.

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