It’s Your Choice!

To The Editor:
I’m sure most of you have read or heard on the street about my thoughts about dissolving the city we all love.

The choice to do this will not be up to me or to six elected officials at city hall.

Have any of you ever walked into a public gathering place in this city and over heard anyone saying how happy they are with their taxes going up, services going down and the fact that they see so many public safety employees making upwards of $100,000.

This idea is offering the city and the people of this city an option to end the money pit we call a city.

If this option goes anywhere it will be up to the voters of this city.

We could be two great villages instead of one mediocre tax laden city that lives from paycheck to paycheck to make its payroll.

With the state offering incentives (money) for consolidation.

It would be in our best interest and for future generations to be prepared for what is coming and start looking at the process now.

The mayor (Ron Woodward) himself in an interview said when asked what his vision of the future of Fulton was, he said: ”I see it as a bedroom community.”

Nowhere in the meaning of that phrase is the word “city” used.

Village, suburbia, burbs etc. are used.

He verified that at the CC meeting on Tuesday February 2.

So please keep this in mind that the choice will be yours.

Legislator Frank Castiglia