January Golden Spoon Honors for Fairgrieve Students

Fairgrieve Elementary students who have been observed by food service workers as exceeding expectations in the cafeteria recently received the school’s coveted Golden Spoon honors.


Awardees were recognized during a recent Morning Express program in front of their peers, teachers and special guests.

For their efforts, they received a “brag tag” to add to their collection.

Honorees in the front row, from left, are: Jersey Ryder, Braylon Koval, James Robinson, David Douglas, AprilMarie Carter, Alea Runge, Alyssa Sullivan and Rasheem Martin.

In the second row, from left, are: Dylan Mann, Audri Fredenburg, Cayden Meeker, Lily-Louise Bentley, Evan Philbin and Henry Taylor.

In the third row,from left, are: Cara Nelson, Emma Seymour-Wright, Annabelle Murphy, Cayley Cunningham, Angelina Ferro, Emilee Martin and Principal Jean Sampsell.

Absent are: Zoey Miner, Aden Ripley-Cooper, Miranda Richway, Emily Rivera and Hannah Chetney.