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September 22, 2018

January Starts The New Year Warm and Dry

OSWEGO, NY – 2016 is getting off to a warm start, according to Bill Gregway, local observer for the National Weather Service. Last month was warmer than normal, but it wasn’t really a big deal, he said.

The LT-5 is warmed by the sunshine as it sits in the ice-covered water. The average temperature last month was more than 4 degrees warmer than normal.

The LT-5 is warmed by the sunshine as it sits in the ice-covered water. The average temperature last month was more than 4 degrees warmer than normal.

The average temperature for January 2016 was 28.3 degrees. That is 4.2 degrees above average.

“It was warm. But it’s no big deal, really,” Gregway said. Going back to 1968 it is only the 11th warmest on record.”

The highest temperature was 50 degrees on the 31st and the lowest was 7 degrees on the 4th and 5th.

There was 1 day where the high was in the 50s and 3 times it was in the 40s.

The overnight lows were in the single numbers twice and in the teens 9 times, Gregway said.

Only 4 lows were above 32 degrees last month.

There were no zero or below temperatures, he added.

And, no new records were set.

Total precipitation for January was 1.93 inches. That is 1.75 inches below average. That is also the figures for the new year.

The greatest precipitation in a 24-hour period was 0.67-inch on the 10th.

There were 18 days of measurable precipitation. Three days had just a trace and 10 days saw no precipitation.

Snowfall for January was way down. There was just 20.7 inches of snow last month. That is 29.0 inches below average.

For the winter, at the end of January, snowfall was 31.3 inches. That’s 61.4 inches below average.

The greatest snowfall in a 24-hour period was 6.1 inches on the 13th.

There was 1 thunderstorm (a “thundersnow”), which is 1 above average.

There were no foggy days, which is average.

January had snow pellets 3 times, freezing rain 1 time and no ice pellets.

The number of cloudy days, 25, was 1 above average.

The number of partly cloudy days, 5, was average.

And, the number of clear days, 1, was 1 below average.

January saw the average amount of possible sunshine – 19 percent.

The highest barometric pressure was 30.69 on the 5th and the lowest was 29.15 on the 10th.

“There was a couple times it got way up there. We had a lot of big swings in pressure last month,” Gregway said.

The strongest winds were westerly, greater than 40 mph, on the 10th.

“We also had a couple of gusts over 40 mph, west-northwesterly, on the 19th. There were 13 times in January when we had some pretty strong winds,” Gregway said. “It was a windy month. It really was.”

January 2015 was 3.4 degrees cooler than average.

It was below zero 4 times.

Precipitation was 1.47 inches below average and snowfall was 19.8 inches below average.

For the winter, snowfall was 20.5 inches below average.

The warmest January on record is 35.8 degrees in 1880 and the coldest is 13.6 degrees in 1920.

The highest temperature is 69 degrees recorded in 1906 and 1950. The lowest is -22 degrees in 1904.

The wettest January is 1978 (8.43 inches). The driest is 1921 (0.60-inch).

January 1978 holds the dubious honor of the snowiest – 120.3 inches. And, 1921 had the least amount of snow – 3.9 inches.

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