Jedrzejek Jets to Supernationals Win at Oswego

By – Chris Porter
Photos – Jim Feeney

Independence, Ohio’s Tim Jedrzejek pocketed his third Midwestern Supermodified Association (MSA) win of the year Friday night at the Oswego Speedway, winning the MSA/International Supermodified Association (ISMA )co-sanctioned Super Nationals 50. It was the second Classic Weekend Super Nationals win for Jedrzejek, his third overall winged feature win at the lakeside oval.

Starting 12th on the grid, Jedrzejek busted his No. 8 supermodified into the top five on the 21st lap. With 15 trips to go, Jedrzejek ducked under race leader Lou Cicconi in the midst of heavy lapped traffic to take away the coveted top spot. It was his 21st career MSA victory.

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MSA member Gene Lee Gibson and ISMA driver Danny Lane led the 26-car field to the start of the night’s main event. With an early jump, Gibson nabbed the initial lead. McKnight, Lane, Russ Wood and Cicconi chased Gibson across the stripe to complete the maiden lap.

The racing action was slowed on the fifth lap after MSA tour regular, Matt Palmer, spun his No. 21 between turns one and two.

With four laps in the books, Gibson led McKnight, Lane, Wood and Cicconi. Mike Lichty, Bob Magner, Jedrzejek, Jeff Locke and Bentley Warren completed the top 10. Charlie Schultz, Chris Perley, Tim Ice, Mark Sammut and Joe Gosek filled out the top 15.

Gibson held with ease on the restart. When Wood’s No. 29 suddenly saw Cicconi on its high side, it dove underneath Lane for third place. However, Locke’s No. 37 tagged the fourth-turn wall to negate the action.

The caution only delayed the inevitable, as on the ensuing restart, Cicconi put his No. 10 to the outside of the No. 29 again. Besting Pelham, New Hampshire’s Wood off of turn No. 4, Cicconi put his momentum to use, conquering Lane on the outside in turn No. 2.

Lane was further bumped from the front on the seventh lap, as Wood, Lichty and Jedrzejek all jetted by him down low.

At the lap No. 15 mark, Gibson held a comfortable five-car length lead over McKnight and Cicconi. A few lengths further behind, Wood, Lichty and Jedrzejek followed.

Gibson began to quickly close in on heavy lapped traffic. Moving in on the race leader, McKnight momentarily slid high in turn No. 2 on the 20th lap. Though, it was just enough time to allow Cicconi to pounce at the opportunity.

Just as quickly as he’d taken over the runner-up position, Cicconi found another hole in turn No. 4. Having drifted too high behind lapped traffic, Cicconi shot underneath the race leader.

Lapped traffic wasn’t kind to Cicconi either, as a resilient Gibson took the race lead back after the No. 10 was pinned high. However, the pass was wiped away as before the field could complete a full lap, Magner popped the outside wall in turn No. 2.

The Aston, Pennsylvania driver was ushered back into the lead. With 28 laps to go, he led Gibson, McKnight, Jedrzejek and Wood. Lichty, Warren, Perley, Schultz and Lane completed the top 10.

While Cicconi began to inch away, Rich Reid’s No. 55 broke in turn No. 4. While the field was picking up the yellow, a multi-car accident ensued in turn No. 1. Lane, Ice, Randy Burch and Jamie Timmons came together. However, unlike Reid’s No. 55 car, those four were able to continue.

Jedrzejek used the restart to his advantage. Going to the outside of McKnight’s No. 94, Jedrzejek stayed high, besting Gibson’s No. 0 for the runner-up spot. Moments later, he found himself on Cicconi’s rear bumper.

Cicconi saw the No. 8 car challenge him on the outside on the 28th lap. On the 29th lap, Jedrzejek stuck his nose on the outside of Cicconi again only to have hit slapped away as the race leader drove off of turn No. 4.

The contact sent the challenger back a few lengths, but only momentarily. As the lead duo dipped their machines into heavy lapped traffic, Jedrzejek closed back in. Weaving his way through the tail end of the field, Cicconi’s momentum was broken in the third turn. Awaiting the opportunity, Jedrzejek seized an open lane down low, taking the lead away on the 35th lap.

The new race leader had just begun to build himself a decent lead when Gibson’s solid podium-worthy run ended on the 39th lap with a spin in turn No. 4. Gibson had been running in third. The Ohio native was able to restart, but soon retired to the pits.

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With 12 laps to go, Jedrzejek led Cicconi, Wood, Perley and McKnight. Schultz, Warren, Ice, Stephens and Sammut completed the top 10.

On the ensuing restart, the race leader sprinted away, leaving Cicconi, Wood and Perley to do battle behind Magner’s lapped No. 41 car.

With five to go, Jedrzejek had built himself a full straightaway lead when Timmons cracked the inside front stretch wall off of turn No. 4.

The No. 8’s advantage was erased, but soon after the restart, it had built it back to 10 lengths. Taking the white flag with a full 20-car advantage over his chasers, Jedrzejek cruised the final 5/8 to earn the win.

Finishing in second place, Cicconi landed his first top-five finish in the annual Labor Day event for the first time since 2002. Having come fresh off his win at Waterford a few weeks ago, it was his second straight top five on the ISMA tour.

Landing his first Oswego podium since a second-place run to Jedrzejek in 2002, Wood drove the Holbrook-owned No. 29 to a third-place finish.

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Building on his ISMA tour points lead, Perley came across the stripe in fourth.

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Not quite the present he was looking for on his birthday, McKnight drove the Brad Lichty-owned No. 94 to a fifth-place feature finish.

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16th Annual Bud Light MSA/ISMA Winged Super Nationals 50:
1. Tim Jedrzejek (8), 2. Lou Cicconi (10), 3. Russ Wood (29), 4. Chris Perley (11), 5. Dave McKnight (94), 6. Tim Ice (77), 7. Charlie Schultz (7), 8. Trent Stephens (19), 9. Bentley Warren (71), 10. Mark Sammut (78), 11. Ben Seitz (88), 12. Dan Lane (9), 13. Jeff Abold (05), 14. Jeff Holbrook (35), 15. Bobby Dawson (28), 16. Bobby Magner (41), 17. Jack Smith (09), 18. Jamie Timmons (27), 19. Gene Lee Gibson (0), 20. Randy Burch (49), 21. Mike Lichty (84), 22. Rich Reid (55), 23. Matt Palmer (21), 24. Joe Gosek (25), 25. Jeff Locke (37), 26. Denny Fisher (81)

Heat race wins were collected by McKnight, Cicconi and Magner earned heat race wins. Jedrzejek’s lap of 15.201 seconds topped the speed charts in time trials. Perley, Locke, Schultz and Lichty filled out the top five trailers.

Sidelined before the racing action began, were Bobby Haynes and Kelly Miller. Haynes lost the motor on his No. 44 supermodified while Miller’s No. 16 succumbed to mechanical woes.