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TIOGA CENTER, N.Y. – Jimmy Zacharias had little need to exploit the new “choose your lane” Modified restart rules which saw their first full feature test on Saturday at Shangri-La II Motor Speedway. He started fifth, took the lead early in the 40-lap contest, and was challenged only by teammate J.R. Kent before pulling away to a comfortable win. Jim Storace took second with Kent third, while Andy Walko and John Markovic were fourth an fifth.

Lee Sharpsteen topped the Strert Stocks and Jim Logan was victorious in the debut of the Allison Legacy Series North at the Concrete Castle.

Scott Conover and Chris Ostrowsky, a pair of dirt track veterans in their rookie season on pavement, made up the front row for the Modified feature. Conover took the lead at the green and held it until J. Zacharias moved ahead on lap 8. Kent was soon second the team car but spun a few laps later. That’s where the new restart alignment, which permits each driver to select the inside or outside lane, began to have its effect.

Kent repeatedly gambled on the outside lane and quickly moved back into contention, bringing Walko with him. The pattern that developed saw the top two, in this case J. Zacharias and Storace, usually choosing the inside, but one or two of the top five could be expected to jump to the outsdie at the decision cone.

Sixth through tenth in the Modified race were Dean Rypkema, Ostrowsky, Nick Barzee, Wayne Kocher, and T.J. Zacharias.

Last week’s Street Stock feature was a wreckfest which track officials eventually stopped. This week’s race could hardly have been more different, going caution-free for 20 laps. Lee Sharpsteen patiently worked his way from mid-pack to victory lane, beating Jim Potrzebowski, Chad McDonald, Scott Reagan, and Billy Coyle.

While Logan was the Allison Legacy winner, the crowd’s favorite was 13-year-old Emily Packard, who took second in the feature after winning her heat race.

Great American Classic, Day 1

MODIFIEDS (40 laps) – 1. Jimmy Zacharias, 2. Jim Storace, 3. J.R. Kent, 4. Andy Walko, 5. John Markovic, 6. Dean Rypkema, 7. Chris Ostrowsky, 8. Nick Barzee, 9. Wayne Kocher, 10. T.J.Zacharias, 11. Ken Canestrari, 12. Chris Whitenight, 13. Matt Clemens, 14. Scott Conover, 15. Wilbur Hebing, 16. Daren Scherer, 17. Terry Markovic, 18. Chris Clemens, 19. Dave Silvernail, 20, Carl Silvernail; DNS – Chris Zacharias, John Ramsey

Heat winners
– J. Zacharias, Walko, Whitenight
Lap leaders – Conover 1-7, J. Zacharias 8-40

STREET STOCKS (20 laps) – 1. Lee Sharpsteen, 2. Jim Potrzebowski, 3. Chad McDonald, 4. Scott Reagan, 5. Billy Coyle, 6. Tom Cundy, 7. Gil Sharpsteen, 8. Cricket Clonch, 9. Mikayla Rypkema, 10. Bill Davey, 11. Chris Zacharias; DNS – Charlie Sharpsteen

NOTE: Full finish not provided for Allison Legacy Series North.