Joint Effort Cracks Down on Underage Drinking, Fake IDs

OSWEGO, NY – On Friday (September 23), members of the Oswego City Police Department, together with investigators from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles and officers from the New York State University Police at Oswego, teamed up with local business owners at Alley Cat, located at 23 W. Bridge St., The Raven, located at 39 W. Bridge St., and The Sting, located at 49 W. Bridge St., to try to combat underage drinking and the use of fraudulent driver’s licenses.

This detail was conducted with cooperation and assistance from the local establishments which resulted in 24 citations being issued for people attempting to use fraudulent driver’s licenses.

All parties were processed and released on scene and all counterfeit licenses were seized by the DMV investigators.

Part of Governor Cuomo’s “No Excuses” campaign, DMV investigators, working with local authorities, have been conducting “Operation Prevent” sweeps across New York State, which are designed to deter underage drinking in local communities and keep New York’s roadways safe.

According to Mayor Billy Barlow, “The collaborative effort between local law enforcement, DMV investigators, local bar owners, SUNY Oswego and the city of Oswego, emphasizes the importance of these types of sweeps in our community.”


  1. 18 is old enough to be in the military and to vote but not to consume an alcoholic beverage.

    These artificial restrictions on human freedom create situations enabling police to harass and entrap young people trying to make their way in the world.

    These policies, combined with the ridiculous crackdowns at Sterling Stage, reinforce the perception of this region as a callous right wing police state with overflowing jails and stupid priorities.

    I register my solidarity with the youth, with the college population here that has to endure so much abusive language from crusty old taxpayers labeling them all “drunks” and “pukes,” etc.

    If the law was 18 and not 21, none of this activity would be necessary and police could engage in serious work instead of trivial crackdowns on young people.

    These policies might please the old white conservative element, the same element likely to support the protofascistic candidacy of the racist, misogynist, xenophobic, Islamophobic, billionaire plutocrat Donald Trump.

    Despite Barlow’s early successes with road paving and so forth, these overbearing police policies show the dark side of electing any politician aligned with Greg Oakes and the Republicans.

    Barlow should renounce these policies and take Oswego in a progressive direction on these issues instead of stubbornly clinging to older, whiter, mean spirited, anti youth, “law and order” repression. We have states and communities in this country embracing marijuana legalization and trying to free the police to pursue truly necessary investigations.

    Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

  2. I am glad to see that the kids breaking the law are being punished instead of the bar owners or bartenders/barmaids. I have seen some really good fake I.D’s and no one should be punished for not being able to correctly spot one. It is better that these kids learn early that they will be punished for breaking the law whether or not they or anyone else agrees with it. I am 48 years old and have known several drinkers and pot smokers over the years. The drinkers, most are alcoholics or died because of it. The pot smokers all have good jobs/careers and families and are well respected in there communities. Many have also quit, a couple of friends just started because of chronic pain. If I knew way back when what I know now,I would of begged everyone I knew to never drink alcohol.

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