Judge Delays Tanner’s Sentencing

FULTON, NY – Sentencing has been postponed once again in the case against the former director of the Fulton Public Library.

Rebekah Tanner, 50, was arrested April 30, 2007 and charged with three counts of grand larceny for reportedly using a library credit card to charge thousands of dollars in personal expenses. She pleaded guilty to petit larceny, a misdemeanor, earlier this year.

Tanner’s sentencing was adjourned in June because a pre-sentencing report in the case was not complete. The case was adjourned again in July to allow time for Tanner to finish paying restitution.

Tanner appeared in court Wednesday, where Fulton City Court Judge Spencer Ludington adjourned the case again because Tanner’s restitution was not paid in full.

As part of her plea, Tanner was scheduled to pay $13,848.35 in restitution. Though she paid the amount down since her last appearance, Ludington said she still owed $1,4587.50 Wednesday.

Tanner’s attorney, Anthony DiMartino, told the judge that Tanner needed more time to pay the amount in full.

“Times are hard. She is doing the best she can,” DiMartino said. “She has come a long way but we respectfully ask the court for more time.”

“The people of the city deserve to have their money returned quickly,” Ludington said. “This is getting old. I am going to work until they have every penny of their money back.”

Fulton City Court Clerk Maureen Ball explained in July that Ludington has indicated that the status of Tanner’s restitution will have an influence on his decision for sentencing. The case was adjourned to Dec. 17.