Judge Rejects More Witnesses In Thibodeau Hearing, Says Decision ‘Soon’

Gary Thibodeau

Gary Thibodeau

OSWEGO, NY – Efforts to have Gary Thibodeau’s conviction for kidnapping Heidi Allen overturned have hit a snag.

Judge Daniel King has denied Thibodeau’s defense team’s request for more testimony.

Thibodeau was convicted 20 years ago, but a federal public defender claims there is new evidence that could exonerate him. A hearing on those claims began earlier this year and was adjourned in April to allow time for the claims to be investigated.

The defense wants to reargue parts of its case by recalling some witnesses, adding more witnesses and evidence.

Judge King denied the request, saying, “The court denies defendant’s request in its entirety on the grounds that the testimony and proffered evidence is either too speculative, immaterial, unreliable, based on hearsay, or, moreover, irrelevant.”

No ruling has been made regarding Thibodeau’s request for a new trial.

However, the judge has said he expects to have a decision “soon.”

Allen disappeared from the convenience store in New Haven where she was working on Easter Sunday in 1994. She has never been found.


  1. Odd, wasn’t the bulk of Thibodeau’s entire conviction based on hearsay by someone who ultimately changed their story? There’s people out there who were in this “mix” that avow that Thibodeau didn’t do this as claimed & besides that, if he acted in concert with his brother then how was it the brother got acquitted?! If there’s nothing to hide & everything he’s been in jail for during the last 20 years is still strong then there shouldn’t be any problem convicting him again right? Give the guy the benefit of the doubt anyways regardless of what it’ll cost us “taxpayers”. This is scary stuff that could happen to any one of us simply by going shopping.

  2. The single most important thing that could happen now is for the Allen family to admit publicly that they feel there is enough new evidence to warrant a new trial for Gary. Forget the family reputation, Martha Sturtz has already trashed that with her revelations, have a little compassion for the innocent man who is being punished for something he didn’t do. What do you have to lose at this late date, none of you are sitting in a jail cell.

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