Judge To Determine If Pauldine’s Statements Can Be Used In Court

OSWEGO, NY – A judge will decide whether certain statements made by a local businessman can be used against him in court.

Tony Pauldine is charged with third-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.

He is alleged to have subjected a boy, less than 17 years old, to sexual contact without the boy’s consent.

A Huntley Hearing was held Thursday to determine whether Pauldine’s statements to police will be suppressed or not.

Assistant District Attorney Don Todd called one witness – Oswego Police Sgt. Chris Pooler.

Pooler testified that he had an individual who agreed to participate in a controlled phone call to defendant, according to the ADA.

Pooler identified an exhibit as a copy of the master CD that he made of the call(s).

The exhibit was received and Oswego City Court Judge James Metcalf will review it to determine the motion, Todd said.

Metcalf will render a written decision on the motion with a schedule for any additional motions and setting a trial date (probably mid-May).

A new court date for Pauldine hasn’t been set.