Julian’s Army Assists In War Against Neuroblastoma

Julian Ross is undergoing some tests at at Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Julian Ross is undergoing some tests at at Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP).

OSWEGO, NY – Julian Ross is fighting for his life. But, the youngster is hardly waging this war alone. He is supported by an army of hundreds, if not thousands.

Some of Julian’s Army are planning a fundraiser for the child.

Julian Ross is undergoing some tests at at Children's Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP).
Julian Ross is undergoing some tests at at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP).

Julian was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroblastoma on August 4, 2011.

He was just 6 years old.

About two weeks ago, nine-year-old Julian was put on Hospice care.

“The battle is almost over for this child. No child should have to ever go through this,” said Jennifer Losurdo of Team Julian, the grassroots group spearheading the benefit. “Julian and his family have traveled to Pennsylvania and to Upstate Children’s Hospital many times, even to Maryland to get Julian treatments. He knows ‘the bad army’ is winning this battle.”

When he was younger, his parents explained the situation to him by describing the cancer as the bad army and his medicine / treatments as the good army.

A week before Christmas in 2012, During the visit, Julian was appointed an honorary “Sergeant” by members of the 10th Mountain Division.  Troops who visited him at his home, also presented Julian with gifts donated by soldiers and various groups at Fort Drum.

In early February, dozens of people waited in the bitter cold in Oswego Town to welcome Julian home. He had had another round of tests in a Maryland hospital.

“This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write,” Julian’s father, Steve Ross, wrote on his Facebook page. “Julian’s tests revealed that the neuroblastoma has taken over too much, too fast. There is nothing more that (can) be done.”

“We are trying to get the family the money they need for all of their expenses,” Losurdo explained. “Right now, they are in Philadelphia (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia) with the oncologist there trying to get some answers on how bad it has progressed.”

A spaghetti dinner benefit will be held April 4 from 2 to 7 p.m. at the Old Timers’ Inn, 2030 County Route 1, Oswego.

Presale tickets are available for $8. Tickets at the door will be $10.

For more information, call: Dani at 561-9273, Amy at 402-7816 or Kristi at 561-1718.

The group is currently collecting items to raffle off to help the family in its time of need.

“NO child should have to go through this, let alone a family. This little boy and his family really need your help,” Losurdo said. “Anything you can help us with would be greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for this little guy as he and his family need all the prayers in the world!”

So far, donations include: NY Mets have donated two home game tickets, NY Knicks, home game tickets, NASCAR sent an autographed banner, the PGA sent an autographed flag, Yankees sent a box of stuff, Buffalo Sabres sent a yearbook, tattoo gift certificates from two different artists and much more.

Chinese raffle tickets will be available 12 for $5; and they also have a $5 ticket table for the bigger items, Losurdo added.
And, “tons and tons” of raffle baskets, Greene’s Ale House donated an NFL or Syracuse basketball package, there are a lot of gift certificates, three bicycles, a 32-inch TV.

“When I say a ton of baskets I mean a ton!” Losurdo said.

Julian’s father, Steve, posted an update on Tuesday:

Good Morning and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This is dad with a brief update. Julian is doing much better here at Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia (CHOP). They’re addressing his pain management and nutritional needs. The medical staff are treating his bed sores and additionally are scanning him to see how he’s doing. The pain in his knees and arms they agree are due to muscle atrophy. They’re going to administer the electrolytes he’s deficient in as well as possibly placing an NG Tube in him again. I will be updating as we find out more. Please keep him in your prayers and in positive thoughts scans are setup for Thursday. God Bless.

To learn more about Julian, visit www.juliansjoust.com

To volunteer or make a donation, contact Losurdo at [email protected] or 529-7761.