Jury Finds Jones Guilty

OSWEGO, NY – Not long after sending a note to Judge Walter Hafner saying they were deadlocked, the jury in the Alan Jones murder trial sent a second note to the judge.

Alan Jones
Alan Jones

They had reached a verdict.


Jones, 28, was on trial for second-degree murder in connection with the death last August of his 11-year-old stepsister, Erin Maxwell.

When the foreman of the 12-man jury read the verdict there was a muted reaction from the more than two dozen spectators in the courtroom.

Jones buried his face in both hands and appeared to cry.

His stepfather, Lindsay Maxwell, hugged his wife and Jones’ mother, Lynn Maxwell and his father, John Jones, sat stone-faced behind the defense table.

Alan Jones faces 25 years to life in prison when sentenced in November.


  1. I am glad he was found guilty.But at the same time I wish he would of gotten more.It isnt fair to poor Erin what she had to go threw.If everyone was doing there job correctly then she would o still been here today.RIP sweet,sweet angle.As for u jones,I hope u rot in hell.

  2. rest in peace little Erin today we think of you a little more and we cry tears because many miss you well honey they got the monster who did this to you and we are great ful for that he was found guilty! I didn’t even know you little one but i would’ve love you like you were my child it hurts me know that something so special and precious has been taken a way from many in such a tragic way! rest in peace sweetie and you can never be hurt again you are in gods arms now he will protect you

  3. weather or not he killed that little girl. Each and every person who was made aware of the deplorable conditions she was forced to live in should be tried for criminal neglagance. every person who lived in that house and further every person who enterened that house and did or said nothing about the conditions is GUILTY. All who chose to ignore the conditoins should feel shamed and know that some day they will be tried for their depraved indifferance.

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