Katko Applauds Action by NRC to Accept Joint Application for Transfer of FitzPatrick from Entergy to Exelon

SYRACUSE, NY –  Two weeks after Rep. John Katko called on federal regulators to move forward as quickly and fairly as possible with consideration of Entergy and Exelon’s joint transfer application for the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission this week announced its acceptance of the application and intention to move forward with consideration.

Today (Oct. 6), Katko made the following statement after this news:

“I’m happy to see that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has accepted the joint application for the transfer of the FitzPatrick plant from Entergy to Exelon, and will now proceed with consideration of the application. Timely and fair consideration of this transfer by state and federal regulators is a requirement for it to go forward, and I’m pleased to see a step taken in that direction. FitzPatrick’s importance as an energy generator, and economic engine in Oswego can’t be overstated.”

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  1. Katko needs to find a new job, this one is not working out for him, he has got to go. MR. TRUMP all the way to the white house.

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