Keeping School Programs Intact Would Take Heavy Tax Toll in Fulton

The proposed cuts to Fulton’s state school aid, along with the unchangeable increases in payroll, pensions and routine bills, will take a heavy toll on taxpayers if they want to keep the district’s programs and services exactly as they are today.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Lynch has said that the state’s proposed cut in aid, combined with the end of federal job-saving stimulus funds, put the district about $5 million behind last year’s $60 million budget.

Tuesday night, he finally put a number to that gap: 29.5%

To keep everything as is, Lynch said the district would have to raise its tax levy by 29.5% for the next budget.

Obviously, that’s not going to happen, he said.

The district’s budget committee, made up of members of the Board of Education, administrators and members of the public, has begun to review district spending and programs to try to identify ways to save money and set goals.

“We will soon start to identify reductions in choices that will be very different and will likely be considered unfair,” Lynch said, offering no specifics.

Lynch said he and other superintendents and board members are lobbying state lawmakers to keep their promises to reduce expensive mandates on schools.

But he called the budget gap “awe inspiring” and said it would provide the district’s officials with “unfavorable choices” for closing it.

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  1. Of course, as usual the same tune in Fulton… UNCHANGEABLE INCREASES in payrolls, pensions, and routine bills?? Always the same old, same old in the Fulton School district. Throw out the potential large increase and later make a few sacrificial cuts but significantly increase school taxes once again. Threaten that the kids will suffer.

    What is wrong with the Fulton school board and Bill Lynch? They never expect to reduce the largest cost in the budget because they must honor “the negotiated contract”. Just keep passing the increased salaries, benefits, and retirement costs on to the local taxpayers… who are tapped out. Where is the shared sacrifice Obama has asked for? Certainly not in Fulton schools. The kids don’t have to suffer if the staff will bite the bullet.

    Time for new negotiators and budget planners in Fulton. The current ones just don’t get it or are not strong enough to make the tough decisions. When businesses are short of revenue they make the cuts necessary to balance the budget.

    Message to Fulton School Board… Tell the entire administration and teaching staff to take a pay cut or find a new job somewhere else. We cannot afford the current staffing levels and compensation plans.

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