Kenney Middle School Career Fair

Seventh and eighth grade students at Kenney Middle School recently participated in a Character Career Fair.

The school’s Character Education Committee organized people in the community to come to school and introduce students to the character traits, education requirements, and job responsibilities to be successful in certain career fields.

Careers that were represented at this event were a Funeral Home Director, Hockey Coach, Farmer, Hair Stylist, Florist, News Editor, Chef, Restaurant Manager, Massage Therapist, and Law Enforcement.

Students were grouped by interest and rotated around to different career fields. Many students participated in hands-on activities such as practicing hair styles on mannequin heads, trying on a bullet proof vest, tasting and smelling delicious foods, and taking pictures with a professional camera.

The Character Career Fair gave Kenney Middle School students the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to prepare for the future job market.