Kenney Roof Project Completed

Hannibal – The Hannibal Central School District announces that the replacement of the leaking roof portions on the older portion of the Dennis M. Kenney building was completed in just over three weeks, as part of the EXCEL Project approved by voters last January. These portions of the roof were last replaced in 1993 and 1994.

Beginning on Monday, August 3rd, a small portion of the roof on the north side of the Kenney Middle School was replaced. This first portion of the roof did not require any asbestos abatement and took one week to accomplish.

The second portion of the roof was much larger and did require asbestos abatement. To accomplish the work before school opened, it was necessary to work a double shift for several days. The first shift began just after midnight to remove the old roof material and complete asbestos abatement. The second shift began at 7:00 a.m. to replace the roof in the area that was removed by the first shift. In this way, the building remained water tight throughout the construction period.

On August 28th, the last section of roof material was installed. Teachers and staff were able to return to the building on August 31st to prepare for the return of the students.

Kenney Roof Project Facts:

  • 20,800 square foot of roof was replaced
  • Located within the work area
    • 22 skylights
    • 22 rooftop vents/fans
    • 5 air conditioner condenser units
  • New roof system
    • Reinforced rubber membrane – increased R-value
    • Double layer of Dens Deck – Good for up to 2” hail and 120 mph winds
    • Added Crickets to prevent water from ponding
    • 6” overlaps with 100% taped seams
    • Removed all asbestos and disposed of properly
    • Raised all roof top units to accommodate additional insulation height

The district would like to thank the neighbors and the community for their patience as we completed the Kenney Roof Project.