Kids’ Pirate Day Coming At Marine Museum

Submitted by the H. Lee White Marine Museum

Marine MuseumAhoy Maties! The H. Lee White Marine Museum is swabbing the decks for a hearty morning of pirate carousing. Brush off your eye patch, grab your parrot & join us on Saturday, June 7, from 1-3pm for a Kids’ Pirate Party. Fun will abound on Oswego’s West Pier. Young lads & lasses can consort with fellow pirates; land lubbers can throw in with the lot & become pirates for a day. Pirate garb is strongly encouraged. Games, activities, music, grub, a scavenger hunt and treasure to plunder for home are on the list of pirating fun for the day.

A nominal $8.00 fee ($6.00 for museum members) will be charged. Contact the Museum at 315-342-0480 or [email protected] for more information or to RSVP. Also check the website (www.hleewhitemarinemuseum.com) for details on this and all the other great programming scheduled for the season.

Be there or walk the plank!