Kids’ Stuff at Nature Center

By Spider Rybaak ([email protected])
A group of children and their parents participated in a fishing class conducted by local author Spider Rybaak at Wellesley Island State Park on September 15.

Bridget and Jenny Herget and their biggest catch of the day.
Bridget and Jenny Herget and their biggest catch of the day.

The class, held at the Minna Anthony Common Nature Center’s dock, was the fifth this year. Everyone caught several fish, mostly yellow perch and round gobies.

“Fishing opens a window into nature’s wonder,” claims Rybaak, “revealing a host of common miracles that go on constantly all around us.”

Rybaak has been fishing for more than 60 years and has eked out an existence over the past 30 years by writing and photographing his experiences in the outdoors.

“My dad introduced me to fishing when I was a little boy and the lessons haven’t stopped. Every time I go out I see something new,” he added. “Now it’s my turn to expose this magical pastime to the next generation. Hopefully they’ll learn life is full of wonderful mystery and hopes fulfilled, provided the hopes are modest, like the wish to catch a fish.”

Spider’s last class of the year will be at the Nature Center on October 5. Regular fishing with worms and lures will take place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., followed by fly-fishing lessons from 1: 30 to 3:30 p.m.

Free bait and tackle will be provided; or bring your own.

The classes are sponsored by the Friends of the Nature Center, SAMPO Swivels, Shakespeare and Berkley.