Kingsford Park Elementary Hosts Successful Family Wellness Night

OSWEGO – Fitness for the whole family.

Kingsford Park first grader Lola Holman practices an escape route in a mock home fire drill situation, with assistance from firefighter Eric Hitchcock and Oswego Fire Department assistant chief Jon Chawgo. OFD was one of the many community partners to participate in the school’s recent inaugural family wellness night.

That was the focus of Kingsford Park Elementary’s inaugural Family Wellness Night, where KPS staff members and partners from several community agencies came together to educate students and their parents/guardians on healthy lifestyles.

Jeffrey Gordon, KPS physical education teacher, said after the implementation of the county-wide Healthy Highway program last school year, the school wanted to host an all-inclusive lifestyle event to promote the value of nutrition, physical, mental and emotional health.

“We’re looking at health as a whole,” he said.

Each KPS student was gifted with a tote bag to collect goodies, samples and prizes, while adults received a fleece scarf before visiting several activity stations.

Information booths were set up for families to receive information on mental health services, while emotional fitness was encouraged at a station set-up for children to create stress balls out of balloons and flour.

Tips were also offered for stress relief.

The Oswego County Health Department’s smoothie bike was a big hit, as were the various stations where families sampled delicious and nutritious snacks.

Gordon received assistance in planning the event from physical education teacher Alex Goewey, who wore a hand-crafted traffic light cardboard creation to promote Healthy Highway red, yellow and green foods.

Fifth grade teacher Jessica Burridge, who also helped organize the event, said her favorite moment was when a student said the wellness night was “like healthy trick-or-treating.”

Oswego City School District Superintendent Dr. Dean Goewey enjoyed the activities alongside students, as well as OCSD Athletic Director Rhonda Bullard. Gordon said he was pleased with the turnout and will look forward to its growth in the 2020-2021 school year.