Kingsford Park Says Thanks For Making Holidays Happy

To The Editor:
The students, staff and Home and School Organization of Kingsford Park School all worked together again last year, with gifts of several generous donors, to provide a happy holiday for 54 families in need, as part of the annual Kingsford Park Holiday Giving Project.

Fifth grade students, under the guidance of their teachers; Mrs. Jessica Burridge, Mrs. Michelle Peterson and Mrs. Kelly Moxley held a spell-a-thon to raise funds that were then used to purchase toys for students who needed assistance.

WalMart provided buses for the shopping fieldtrip.

FitzPatrick group

Students selected gifts within their budgets and made the transactions themselves.

Parent volunteers helped to guide the students in their decisions.

Mrs. Amy Sanders and the James A. FitzPatrick NMP Engineering Department (and friends) adopted families and provided a tremendous Christmas for those in need of help.

Novelis Corp donates

Ms. Kathy Brasser, representing the generosity of Novelis Corporation, helped to provide all our children with warm socks, super-hero T-shirts and reusable cloth bags for the holiday season.

Mr. Peter Orphanos with the Exelon Corporation and Ms. Patricia Johnson (Genco-NUC) generously helped to donate a beautiful, brand new warm coat to each child in the holiday giving program last year.

Ms. Patricia Johnson helped Kingsford Park students through the helping hands and generosity of St. Stephen and St. Joseph’s churches by having an Angel Tree toy drive.

Many beautiful toys were donated to students last holiday season.

Mrs. Carrie Penoyer, president of the Oswego Rotary, warmed hearts last holiday season by shopping for special gifts and brought those to two Kingsford Park students last Christmas season.

Our KPS Home and School Association, led by Mrs. Julie Chetney, Miss Claudia Chetney, Mrs. Alyssa Clavelli and Ms. Theresa Gilbert, sought food and health product donations to create plentiful food boxes and turkeys for each family.

Our KPS Student Council, under the guidance of Mrs. Kelly Moxley, held a bountiful food drive at school to supplement the boxes as well as a Givetober to collect personal care items and fun socks.

Thank you to all the KPS families who donated.

We would like to warmly thank others who so generously made donations, both monetary and in kind.

Among these are; the generous parents and staff at Kingsford Park School, past and present, the Elks Ladies’ Auxiliary, the Children’s Board, Mrs. Linda Geiger, People Against Poverty/Newman Center, the Compass Credit Union, the Ladies at the Hibernians, Mrs. Carrie Penoyer with Oswego Rotary Club, and Paul’s Big M.

On behalf of the Holiday Giving Committee, our most sincere thank you and appreciation.

Our Oswego community certainly came through during the holiday season and brought so much joy to our families.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Mrs. Carolyn Slobodian

. and the whole group shot is of Amy Sanders and folks from Entergy (FitzPatrick NNP)