Kingsford Park Sixth Graders Shine At Final Ceremony

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OSWEGO, NY – It was time for the sixth graders at the Kingsford Park Elementary School to celebrate their years at the school.

This year’s Overall Academic Achievement Awards were presented by Kingsford Park Principal Mary Volkomer to (left to right) Oliver Child-Dauphin, Ryan Lavner, Tory Welsch, Sarah Hoefer, Jacob Oleyourryk and Maria Colalancia.“Our Time to Shine” put the students in the spotlight as parents and family members joined the faculty and staff at the annual  ceremony.

Students were recognized for their efforts both within the confines of the classroom and for their citizenship.

This year’s Citizenship Awards were presented by Principal Mary Volkomer to Greg Mayer and Kennedy Singletary.

Six students were the recipients of the Overall Academic Achievement Awards.

This award is presented to those students who exhibit the kind of drive and determination that allows them to be successful students.

Their hard work and dedication exemplify the kind of work ethic that will make them successful adults in the future.

Kingsford Park Elementary School Citizenship Awards were presented by Principal Mary Volkomer to Greg Mayer and Kennedy Singletary.The recipients included Oliver Child-Dauphin, Tory Welsch, Ryan Lavner, Sarah Hoefer, Maria Colalancia and Jacob Oleyourryk.

This year’s sixth graders included Elizabeth Baker, Tyme Baez, Emilee Anderson, Alexander Boyer, Michelle Bivens, Tyler Benjamin, Justin Canale, Jonathan Buske, Oliver Child-Dauphin, Joshua Christopher, Antonella Cano, Gabrielle Christopher, Caroline Dougherty, Steven Coffey, Taylar Cianfarano,  Laurelann Easton, Maria Colalancia, Travis Cowles, Nicholas Finnan,  Arianna Deangelo, Joshua Demm, Jermia Gonzalez, Alexandra Desacia and Christopher Dunsmoore.

Also moving to Oswego Middle School were Kevin Goodale, Colleen Fraser, Andrea Ferreira, Sarah Hoefer, Austin Jackson, Mackenzie Harpst, Ryan Kearns, Rebeckah Kelly, Gabrielle Lombardo, Marsaili Knapp, Alexander Kemper, Magie Maas, Tara Lagoe, Julia Kon, Shannon McIntosh, Ryan Lavner, Steve Kunelius, Allison Moshier, Gregory Mayer, Jacob Oleyourryk, Brittany Reed Cristian Ortiz Ramos, Josh Evynoso-Velasquez,  and Shawn Sansone.

Also celebrating the evening and advancing to seventh grade were Taite Phillips, Mitchell Schrader, Samuel Sapka, Brendon Reed, Alexander Thompson, Adam Sharf, Brandon Tracz, Maxwell Torbitt, Michael Sheffield, Taylor Vivlemore, Caylin Ward, Kennedy Singletary, Emily Whitely, Matthew Warren, David Wallace, Isabella Waterbury, Carlyanna Wells, and Tory Welsch.