Kingsford Students Honored For Exhibiting Courage

OSWEGO – Kingsford Park Elementary School students were recently honored in front of their peers, school staff members and special guests during an assembly because they exhibited courage throughout the month of February.

One student from each classroom and special area received a certificate of recognition after they were honored because they were able to face challenges with bravery.

Honorees include: Aidan Greenwood, William VanHorn III, Tucker Smith, Liam Wilbur, Brayden Bello, Alexia Pelfrey, Peyton Tynan, Hannah Shortslef, Attalie Anderson, Nora Newell, Vinny Pezzlo, Christian Thompson, Sahyma Isbell, Cedric Brown, Adam Greene, Jamer Stepien, Emery O’Brien, Robin Monette, AlainaDiBlasi, Daniel Buske, Chunyang (Kent) Yu, Robin Monette, Elly LeRoy, Jivana Chetney, Madison Waters, Lilyana Phillips, Yoshuan Rodriguez Perez, Trystan Sacco and Ashley Hale.

This month, KPS will celebrate the character education trait of perseverance.