Know The Facts Before You Vote

To The Editor:

Knowing the facts before you vote.

I’d like to state a few facts regarding the race for County Legislator of the 25th District so people know for whom they are voting.

First is Legislator Frank Castiglia who said the council “could have gotten a grant to help fix it (the east side pool) but the council voted not to fund the cost to do an updated study.” Fact: No grant was before this council so no resolution was either.

During the public hearing regarding Aldis he asked what the assessment was going to be. Fact: A building can’t be assessed until it’s built.

At one point he said, “Fay Street is almost a race track now and it may get bigger. My only concern is that you don’t have sidewalks on both sides of the street, I don’t care to have sidewalks …”

So Fay Street is going to get busier, but he doesn’t want to have sidewalks for the pedestrians.

He also said, “If my wife was here tonight she would be up here yelling at me to sit down because she, ya know, is 100% in favor of a store coming in down there, an Aldis coming in down there.”

This implies he wasn’t for it.

For three months Alderman Macner asked Legislator Castiglia how much money the airport was losing. For three months he never had an answer for him.

Finally I looked it up myself. I showed Alderman Macner the budget for the airport for the previous year and the current year. It took me maybe 10 minutes to look it up and print out a copy.

Why, after three months, couldn’t Frank have done that?

Another time when Frank came to a council meeting he was asked why the city was being charged by the county to use some of the county’s equipment in emergencies.

Fact: Frank voted in favor of the county charging the city even though we all pay county taxes. He then had to admit that he didn’t understand what he was voting for.

Finally, when Frank comes around asking for your vote ask him what significant piece of legislation he has sponsored as legislator. After he says “none,” ask him what insignificant piece of legislation he has sponsored. After he says “none,” ask yourself if this is a person who is really looking out for the 25th district.

Regardless of how he may want to spin it, all of his statements came directly from quotes from Legislator Castiglia on Facebook, transcripts from council meetings, letters to the editor or his own comments made at Common Council meetings.

The other candidate is Louella Leclair who had sponsored several pieces of legislation when she was a legislator and there was a reduction in taxes each year she was there.

Louella always knew what was in a piece of legislation before voting on it and she is in favor of businesses coming to Fulton.

I guarantee she would never come to a council meeting and lobby to NOT have a business come in to Fulton, let alone her district.

Now it’s up to you to decide who will be the best person to look out for the people in the 25th district and the city of Fulton.

Thank you,
Jim Myers
Alderman 4th Ward


  1. I see something here…Legislator Castiglia attends the common council meeting and your candidate doesn’t attend anything she doesn’t get paid for….thanks for pointing that out now we all know who to vote for…someone that doesn’t mind getting involved or exposing himself to [people] like you.

  2. I see from a post on your fb page you are just like your candidate telling half truths….one I guess you missed the letter from a guy named Briggs saying how the taxes went up not down……he even stated the years…try all you want the whole facts tell it like it is…and just what legislation did Ms. Leclair sponsor…you say she did what were they…you can’t say can you because she as the chairperson presents the resolutions that someone else has asked for…Oh wait maybe she sponsored the Flow control law that has cost her 25th District up to $20,000 a year in lost revenues ….or did she sponsor the passing of the 3% raise she voted yes on…yes she is looking out for the 25th district.

  3. Jim, I support you as a member of City Council, but not in this attack. I attended each of these meetings, and each of your statements above is a half-truth, just enough truth to appear credible. But you left out just enough so the whole truth is not presented.

    The pool grant, Frank and I along with others were trying to obtain a grant to repair the pool. But the entire pool budget, the entire parks and recreation budget, had to be eliminated from the City budget, so the grant research was stopped.

    The Aldi’s debate was about making sure we take care of existing business before we make any special deals for Aldi’s. Since Aldi’s has never asked for any special deals, there is no longer any distension.

    Frank obtained official Airport budget documents and presented them to the entire Council. They did not agree with the information you provided. What Frank Castiglia provided were the legal forms submitted to our Government. They had to be filed before they were available to the public.

    And aren’t sidewalks even more expensive than roads? We all want sidewalks, but do we need sidewalks if we can’t afford them? Is green space one alternative to sidewalks? As we start development, isn’t everything open to discussion?

    I support you Jim, but I don’t support this attack.
    And has Louella been to any City Council meetings in the past ten years? I don’t remember ever seeing her or ever once hearing her opinion on anything.

  4. Dennis, regarding the pool issue, Frank implied that this council voted against a grant and that just isn’t true.

    The meeting at which he made his comments was a “special use permit” public hearing. That means people should have been commenting on whether or not a building should be allowed to be built on that location. It’s not up to the council to say this store can come to Fulton but this one cannot. It’s up to the stores themselves to be profitable and be better than their competition. That’s the free market system.

    The information I got for Alderman Macner about the airport came directly from the county budget posted on the county’s website. Should we not believe the county budget? The question is, why did it take Frank 3 months to get the information?

    As for the sidewalks, we’re talking about in the area of Aldis. I guess what I didn’t get was how Frank could say in one sentence that Fay St. is like a race track but in the next sentence say he didn’t want sidewalks. I’m just looking out for the safety of the pedestrians in my ward.

    I think Louella LeClair has been to some meetings but regardless, if she has a problem or question regarding the city she knows she can and has contacted her alderman. Frank said at one of the first meetings at which I was on the council that he probably never would call me for anything. I don’t know why and that his option but most people I talk to says it’s because there aren’t cameras or reporters there if he would call me.

    Finally Dennis, I appreciate your support and I also appreciate the work you do for the city. Its easy for some people to sit back and criticize, it’s another matter to actually get involved and try to help the city whether it’s you, me, Frank, Louella or anybody else. We won’t always agree but at least we try.

    I always enjoy having a mature discussion with you and look forward to many more.


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