Labonoski to Run for Hannibal Town Justice

HANNIBAL, NY – Adam L. Labonoski has announced his candidacy for the Town of Hannibal Justice Court.

He has been endorsed by the Hannibal Democratic Committee and the New York Constable Association.

“I hope to follow in the rich tradition of judicial leadership, including precedents, set by former town justice, the late Luther Dennison. Hannibal needs experience, including life experience and a non-partisan commitment to justice,” said Labonoski.

Labonoski resides on County Route 3 in Hannibal.

He has been married to Tiffany (Schopp) Labonoski for more than 10 years.

They have three children who attend school in Hannibal.

He works per diem at St. Joseph’s Urgent Care in Liverpool.

He spends his spare time researching and reading books about law and attending court sessions in various towns in the area.

He is a photographer covering news in and around Oswego County.

He has volunteered in many capacities around Oswego County, mostly as an Emergency Medical Technician.

As owner of a small business in Hannibal, he is aware of budget operations and situational management.

Through his business, Upstate NY Process Services, Labonoski has gained valuable experience working with law enforcement, courts, litigants, attorneys and judges from across the state.

Labonoski cites his experience in business as giving him the knowledge needed to be an effective justice for the people of Hannibal.

Labonoski added that his experience in dealing with people during intense and stressful situations over the years has given him a unique perspective and will assist him in his assessment of each case.

Labonoski is very aware that each case before the court is a matter of great importance to those involved.

He said that traffic tickets, evictions, contract disputes and criminal accusations will always be approached with fairness and equity.

He said, “Hannibal, as any other town, needs judges that they can rely upon to uphold the integrity of the law, in a firm, fair and efficient manner.”

Because of his flexible schedule, he will be the most available justice Hannibal has had in many years.

He plans to make the court more accessible during business hours and to make arraignments easier for those involved.

He is concerned about safety and security in and outside of the Hannibal town court following an incident in Waterloo where a judge was attacked.

Labonoski will be on the ballot on November 5.