Labor Day Weekend: Expanded Quality of Life Initiative, DWI Crackdown Planned

OSWEGO, NY – With the upcoming Labor Day weekend, Oswego Police will once again have added patrols as part of the “Expanded Quality of Life Initiative.”

They will also be out in force as part of the annual nationwide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” crackdown on drunk driving.

Expanded Quality of Life Patrols have been utilized by the Oswego Police Department to help quell neighborhood disturbances and will also be dedicated to actively addressing the underlying problems such as underage / excessive drinking, illegal parties, noise violations and the general disruptive behavior in our neighborhoods.

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over crackdown is an effective nationwide drunk driving initiative that has been coordinated locally by the Oswego County STOP-DWI Office, and will aggressively target drunk drivers as part of a comprehensive campaign to curb drunk driving.

Oswego Police are encouraging residents and returning, or new, college students to get involved by reporting to police any suspected criminal activity, suspicious situation, or quality of life concern so that we can help to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend.

Contact OPD:

911 – Emergency Calls and/or Request a Police Response
315-343-1212 – To Speak with an Officer Directly
[email protected] – To Report Criminal/Drug Activity, or On-going Quality of Life Concerns

(Note: email is not constantly monitored, use 911 for emergency notifications / immediate police response)


  1. Nothing says enjoy the holidays like “Welcome to Oswego County, Police State USA!” That’s what happens when Republicans control an area unopposed for decades, you get a society with little economic opportunity and overcrowded prisons. You also get an uneducated white male police force with all of the latest electronic surveillance gadgets attached to their increasingly sinister-looking police vehicles roaming the streets aggressively looking for confrontation. It’s disgusting and no self-respecting population of people would stand for it. But we’re not those people, we’re Americans! The rest of the world gets out in the streets and protests injustice, we keep going to work and keep diverting resources to the military and police. This is what freedom looks like, the freedom to work like a slave and to get arrested. Yippee!

  2. Michael, as far as the CITY of Oswego, the Mayor is a DEMOCRAT and has pushed OPD to enforce QOL issues (About the only thing that has made sense since he took office). As an active member of the East Side Neighborhood watch program, we prevented 10 break in’s to cars, 4 to Residences, and stopped vandals from destroying property both public and private between the hours of 10pm and 2am by simply calling 911. It is my sincere hope that you NEVER wake up in the morning and have your day ruined because some idiot needed a fix so they broke into your car. Take a look around…have you seen all the drug raids and Busts as of late?? Wake UP! Oswego isn’t what it used to be, but our PD is working to make it a great place to live.

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