Lake Dredge Funds Delayed; Donation Challenge Issued

Groh's Dredging & Marine Construction dredge at sunset on Lake Neatahwanta Sept. 24.

FULTON, NY – Dredging of Lake Neatahwanta remains on hiatus as the city of Fulton awaits promised state funding.

Meanwhile, councilors challenged other organization members to pony up $12.89 in support of the project.

Groh's Dredging & Marine Construction dredge at sunset on Lake Neatahwanta Sept. 24.
Groh’s Dredging and Marine Construction dredge at sunset on Lake Neatahwanta Sept. 24.

In August, Sen. Patty Ritchie announced she had secured an additional $200,000 funding for dredging sludge from the bottom of Lake Neatahwanta.

Half of that money was earmarked for the city of Fulton’s efforts and the other half for the town of Granby.

“This came as a result of the invasive species portion of the state budget,” Ritchie told Oswego County Today at that time. “I will continue to work to secure additional funds for the lake.”

“We’re waiting for the chain of command where the grant money is coming from to give us the go-ahead,” Mayor Ron Woodward said on Tuesday.

He noted that the Fulton Community Revitalization Corp. has expended the original $100,000 grant money for the dredging work completed to date – 10,000 cubic yards of sludge removed from Grid 1 which is currently dewatering inside two geotexiles behind the War Memorial.

Councilors and the mayor display their dredging donations.

During Tuesday’s (Oct. 7) Common Council meeting, Councilor James Myers, along with the rest of the councilors and the mayor each donated checks for $12.89 to the FCRC’s Lake Neatahwanta clean-up fund.

The amount represents the anticipated cost to dredge one cubic yard of sludge from the bottom of the lake.

“Regarding the council giving their checks for the Lake Neatahwanta revitalization project, I challenge the school board, school administration, county legislators … department heads, individual departments, fraternal organizations – anybody who feels like they want to help out with the lake,” Myers said. “We’d all be happy if they did.”

Once the funding is in place, Groh Dredging and Marine is ready to return to Fulton and has already staged another geotextile on top of the temporary pavement laid on Stevenson Beach to begin Grid 2.

There are six grids mapped along the shoreline for dredging in this initial project phase.

Anyone who wishes to contribute to the lake dredging fund can send a check to the FCRC, 125 W Broadway, Fulton, NY 13069, with a notation the donation is for the Lake Neatahwanta cleanup.