Lake Neahtawanta Part II

To The Editor:

Before I had a chance to lay my pen down things were happening at the lake.

On Saturday, August 15, a free concert at the Bullhead Point pavilion, next to the lake, was being held. It featured Nashville recording artist Ricky Lee.

As I looked into how this came about, I was told that as Ricky was traveling from Altoona, Pa., he stopped when he saw the lake.

Reportedly he said, this would be a great place to hold a concert as he approached Paul and Kathy Cooper.

A date was set and with the additional help by co-sponsor Shannon’s by Crystal, it provided an evening of outstanding country western music.

Ricky Lee has made a special commitment to perform his concerts as a way to honor veterans and first responders.

Veterans were in the audience along with a presence of the Fulton police and fire departments.

In addition, an extra attraction was a fisherman who was reeling in a large carp with a very interested group of young people watching.

Some of the recent events held overlooking the lake have been the well-attended Jazz Fest on August, 8, performances by the Fulton Community Band over the summer months, and the August 22, YMCA sponsored Loop-Around-the-Lake.

Once again, our lake provided a place for the community to gather.

I want to follow up on my first letter, which mentions Friends of Fulton Parks. Since then, in addition to the Recreation Park sign by the Class of ’75, the class has provided a bench, which says the following message: “Dedicated to the memory of the GRB Class of ’75 who are no longer with us.”

A short way from this bench is another bench dedicated to the Class of ’65.

Also good news was received by Kelley Weaver and the FoFP board on being awarded a grant from the Shineman Foundation to start work on the rehab of the Recreation Park pavilion.

Thank you Kelley, and your many volunteers, for all of your hard work to improve our city parks.

A special thank you to Recreation Superintendent Barry Ostrander and his department for the excellent maintenance of the Bullhead Point area next to our lake.

We are very fortunate in our city to have two natural resources, a river and a lake. We need to continue to maintain and promote both.

Bob Weston