Lake Visitors In Fulton

To The Editor

I had a brief but wonderful two-day experience recently at Bullhead Point on Lake Neahtawanta.

On Thursday, August 6, I observed a large group of young people enjoying themselves at the pavilion. For those that know me they wouldn’t be surprised to know that I stopped and had a brief conversation with the leaders and the children who were between the ages of 5 and 10 years old.

They said that they were from Red Creek and they had just got a tour of Lock III and had come over for lunch at the pavilion and upon finishing, they were marching over to Lakeview Lanes for some bowling.

As I left, I thanked them for choosing our city as a destiny.

On Friday, which is fish day for Mr. Mike’s at Bullhead Point, I observed 14 motorcyclists pulling into the parking lot. I asked them where they had come from and they said that they started in Connecticut the previous Saturday and would be returning home on Sunday.

I asked them how did they pick this place to stop for lunch?

They answered with one word, lake.

Both of these observations should reinforce our commitment to restore the quality and use of the Lake.

As most people know by now, Mayor Woodward and the city council, NYS Senator Patty Ritchie, Community Development Agency director Joe Fiumara, the Fulton Community Revitalization Corporation, which is chaired by the mayor and the secretary/treasurer Joe and dedicated community minded community board members, our community minded businesses, and many volunteers are working hard to make this happen.

In addition, Friends of Fulton Parks are actively involved in getting organizations and individuals involved in developing all of our city parks.

For instance, just recently, the Class of ’75 were instrumental in a sign at Recreation Park, which is adjacent to the lake.

The lake revitalization project is for real.

The lake will be restored, the beach will be opened, and the whole community will benefit.

The continued financial support by our community as well as the volunteering will ensure that we will be successful.

Bob Weston