Lakeside Artisans Welcomes Jim and Suzanne Stout

OSWEGO – Lakeside Artisans welcomes new members, Jim and Suzanne Stout, to its gallery of talented local artists.

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Jim and Suzanne Stout

A unique husband and wife team, Suzanne works in the store, while Jim creates one-of-a-kind wooden works of art in his shop.

Jim uses the natural beauty of everything from local driftwood to western redwood to form intriguing tables, lamps, mirrors and boxes.

He often uses the natural curves and shapes of the wood to give his pieces an organic feel that makes the wood seem to come to life.

Live edges (the natural edge of the piece of wood, often with the bark still attached) give his mirrors and tables a sense of rustic sophistication.

Jim cuts and cures his own wood, except for a large shipment of redwood from California.

His love of wood and nature is evident in his free-form tables, benches, lamps, clocks, mirrors, wall hangings and whatever comes to mind.

His finishes are resilient and “user friendly”—leaving no water stains and easily cleaned with glass cleaner.

Special orders are always welcome with the customer participating in the selection of wood, use, finish, and type of base if needed.

A walk through the barn can trigger the imagination.

Jim has worked with wood for more than 40 years between stints as a landscape architect.

After graduating from the College of Forestry at Syracuse University, he and a friend began a woodworking business.

Several years later he took over as sole proprietor of the business and has been producing pieces when not fully employed or consulting as a landscape architect.

Now retired, he spends his time in a barn full of driftwood, redwood, black walnut, cherry and other assorted pieces ready to be made into functional but artistic creations.

When you visit the Lakeside Artisans store in the Canal Commons Oswego, it’s Suzanne you’ll see at the counter, leaving Jim free to create in the workshop.

Suzanne, a retired teacher, dabbles in dried flower arrangements, miniature gardens, and wedding flowers, when she’s not selling Jim’s work.

To best appreciate Jim’s artistry, stop by the Lakeside Artisans at 191 W. First St., Oswego.

The store is open Monday – Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

The store offers hundreds of one-of-a-kind fine art paintings as well as prints, glass work, Cranky Cat collectables, woodwork, ceramics, jewelry, fabric art and much more.