Lakeside Artisans Welcomes Newest Member

OSWEGO, NY – Lakeside Artisans, 191 W. First St., in Canal Commons, welcomes Carl Patrick as a member artisan.

“When a friend began carving wood, I decided to give that a try, too. The act of creating a shape or design from a chunk of wood was very satisfying,” Patrick said.

Carl Patrick joins Lakeside Artisans.
Carl Patrick joins Lakeside Artisans.

He is particularly interested in carving native hardwoods into patterns and designs so that “the artist almost becomes part of the natural process that created the wood in the first place.”

Many of Patrick’s carvings use the patterns of Celtic knots.

“I always thought they were elegant patterns and a trip to Ireland really peeked my interest,” he said.

In addition to the Celtic knots, Patrick has created several pieces using natural themes such as leaves and animals.

Patrick is originally from western New York State where he developed an appreciation for wood and learned the basics of whittling.

Patrick spent many years working downstate before retiring and moving back to Oswego with his wife, an Oswego native.

Patrick is happy about returning to Oswego.

“Getting back to Oswego has been delightful after too many years in the suburbs of New York City,” he said.

Patrick’s wood carvings can be seen at Lakeside Artisans Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Thursdays until  8 p.m. during the farmers’ market and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.