Lakeside Artisans Will Help You Design Your Own Easter Basket

OSWEGO, NY – A tisket a tasket, design your very own Easter Basket.

Lakeside Artisans’ fabric artist, Kathy Fenlon, is offering an Easter Basket class on April 7 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.

Design Your Own Easter Basket
Design Your Own Easter Basket

Lakeside Artisans is located at 191 W. First St. in Canal Commons in Oswego.

Students will design and decorate their own Easter basket.

Fenlon will take home the decorated outside and finish the basket for students to pick up by April 13.

For those students who want to finish their own, directions for finishing the basket will be provided.

All materials and supplies will also be provided.

If students have decorative trims they would like to use to add individual creative flourishes, they may bring them.

The class fee is $45 with the $10 registration deposit included.

For information about registering for the class, please contact Lakeside Artisans at 342-8880, [email protected] or on facebook or