Lanigan Congress: A New Student Government Concept

Several Lanigan Elementary School students are learning the checks and balances of efficiently running a school with their involvement in the newly-formed Lanigan Congress.

Lanigan students aim to make the school a safe, fun place for all.
Lanigan students aim to make the school a safe, fun place for all.

Conceptualized by Principal Jeff Hendrickson, the Lanigan Congress seeks to teach students how to take ownership of school rules and to better understand how government works.

Hendrickson said Lanigan Congress replaced the traditional student council.

While the initial focus of the group will be service projects for the school, community or nation, Principal Hendrickson said the congress’ evolution could include a judicial component.

“This gives students more power, purpose and the ability to make a greater impact,” Principal Hendrickson said.

He said Lanigan Congress members will have the power to introduce bills to improve Lanigan, but he holds veto power.

Specific roles and responsibilities will be doled out in the coming months.

Meetings are run by Lanigan “President” Principal Hendrickson.

Meetings are co-facilitated by School-Home liaison Tammy Sheldon and fifth grade teacher Aaron Koproski.

There are four grade-level senators: third grader Owen Tice, fourth grader Michael Buchanan, fifth grader Geena Abbott and sixth grader Meghan Galvin.

Grade-level representatives include: third graders Brady Farrands, Olivia Hendrickson and Addison Smith; fourth graders Robert Briggs, Avery Farfaglia and Vivian Hotaling; fifth graders Kyler Haggerty, Charlie Chen and Mason Fuller; and sixth graders Trevor Hendrickson, Campbell Brown and Gracie Dempsey.

Each student secured their seat after a successful school election.