Lanigan Elementary’s Closed Wing Should Reopen Wednesday

When school resumes on Wednesday, there’ll be big changes at Fulton’s Lanigan Elementary School.

A renovated wing of the building is expected to be open for business. It’s been closed since the beginning of the school year so the former open classrooms could be converted into regular classrooms and a new media center could be created.

Some Lanigan students have been shipped to other schools because of the reduced space available at their school. Wednesday, they get to come back home.

“It feels like Christmas,” said Jerry Seguin, the district administrator managing the district-wide construction project. “The kids are going to be excited.”

Some teachers were able to begin moving into their new classrooms on Friday while custodians gave the area a thorough cleaning and construction officials made lists of any minor issues to be fixed.

The school’s new media center will not open on Wednesday, though. The district is waiting for new computer equipment to arrive.

“It will be exciting to see the kids move in,” Seguin said.

Meantime, work continues elsewhere in the district’s $23.7 million construction project.

The new entrance and new wing of G. Ray Bodley High School are both moving along, Seguin said. Much of the brick exterior is up and interior work is underway. The new team room is substantially complete. It was due to be inspected at the end of last week and will open, barring other problems, as soon as the state gives the district permission to use the space.

The new technology room is also nearly complete and will be in use shortly, Seguin said.

At the Education Center, the new elevator has been delivered and installation will begin shortly. A new water heater will be installed beginning today.