Large Trucks Cause Concern for Fulton Residents

By Mikayla Kemp, OCT
FULTON, NY – Many Fulton residents have noticed the abundant amount of large Riccelli trucks traveling through the city causing curiosity and concerns to rise.

A concerned member of the community brought up these large trucks making frequent trips through town at the most recent city council meeting.

The individual brought forward worries of damage to city roads due to the weight and the size of the trucks on the narrow street of West First Street South.

Fulton Mayor Ronald Woodward Sr., explained that Honeywell has a contract as part of the Onondaga Lake cleanup.

Within this contract, they have been required to build artificial wetlands.

Riccelli has since been given a contract to haul the gravel for the artificial wetlands.

Therefore, Riccelli is driving multiple trucks a day through Fulton to the gravel beds on County Route 85 in Granby.

Mayor Woodward highlighted that Route 48 in Fulton is a state road so the city is not able to regulate it.

He also pointed out that “about 20,000 vehicles a day travel on that road. There are many vehicles that carry heavy loads aside from Riccelli trucks. To shut it down for a 24-hour period or more would cause big issues.”

Woodward also clarified that there is no way to avoid Fulton in the route to Granby.

The winters take a larger toll on the city roads, he pointed out.

Most winters the freeze reaches three feet under the road.

This past winter, the freeze reached five feet down.

Numerous pipes broke under the roads throughout the city.

A water service line broke, which resulted in freezing, and in turn broke up the road.

“That’s part of the price we pay for living in this area,” added Woodward.

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  1. My concern is they drive through town like they own the roads. People drive on these roads and need some space.

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