Larrivee, Monica, Dunn, Walts, Petrus, Matteson, and Burnash Win at Thunder Alley

Evan’s Mills – Caprara’s Thunder Alley Speed Park resumed racing action on Saturday, May 1, 2010. After rain halting the beginning of the nights racing action, racing would resume in all regular divisions along with the kick off of the 2010 season in the open wheel division.

Lou Higby and Ike Stone would lead the Super Stocks to the green in their 20 lap feature. Ike would jump out to the early lead. Rick Marshall and John Van Tassel would battle side by side for the third position. Mike Ramos would go three wide and jump into the third position.

Jason Dinzler and Dennis Petrus would quickly move through the pack and climb into the top five. Meanwhile Mike Ramos would go high around Lou Higby in hopes to take the lead but they would hit a slick patch on the speedway and both cars would spin. Dennis Petrus would go high around Ike Stone and take the lead while Dave Pope would move under Dave Fetterly for seventh. Keith Doxtater would move around Jason Dinzler for third but it wouldn’t be enough for Dennis Petrus as he would go on to take the win.

David Carlisle and Matt Larrivee would comprise of the front row in the Men’s Truck feature. Carlisle would take the early lead. Greg Roes would pull to the outside of Matt Larrivee for the third position. David Carlisle would lose power coming down the front stretch which would make Randy Mooney the new leader of the pack. Greg Roes would fight on the bottom of Matt Larrivee for the second position. The top three cars would run nose to tail while Greg Roes would find an opening and slip under Randy Mooney for the lead but loses control and spins. Matt Larrivee would go on to take the checkers.

Nick Trapp and Chuck Monica would lead the thunder cars for their 15 lap feature. Chuck Monica would use the high side to power around Nick Trapp to take the initial lead while Nick Trapp and Mike Blair would take third. Jeff Trapp moved under Mike Blair to take the third position while Zak Petrie would move to the outside of Jeff Trapp for the third position. Petrie would then slip under Mike Blair for the second position. Zak Petrie would move to the outside of Chuck Monica to attempt to take the lead but it wouldn’t be enough as Chuck Monica would take the win.

Nate Plantz and Tim Dunn would lead the field to the green in the Sports Compaq division. Nate Plantz would take the early lead while Tim Dunn would slip into the second position. Nate Plantz would move to the outside of the speedway and lose some grip which would give Tim Dunn the opportunity to take the lead. Tim Dunn would continue at the front of the field and would take the win.

Brittany Schroy and Jenn Burnash would lead the Ladies Truck to the green flag in their feature. Jenn Burnash would power around the outside of Brittany Schroy to take the lead. Burnash would be able to control the field for the remain of their feature and would take the win.

Murray Walts would take the checkers in the 10 lap open wheel division. Billy Matteson would take the win in the 8 lap Thunder Stock feature.

Thunder Alley will continue racing action on Saturday, May 8, 2010. In racing action will be all regular divisions plus the enduro. Complete information on the tracks 2010 schedule can be found on the tracks website, Information on rules, sponsorship or scheduling can be directed to the tracks General Manager Greg Smith at (315) 629-4356.

Quick Results

Men’s Truck (15 Laps) – Matt Larrivee, Jessie McConnell, Greg Roes, Randy Mooney, Chris Randall, David Carlisle

Thunder Car (15 Laps) – Chuck Monica, Zak Petrie, Mike Blair, Jeff Trapp, Nick Trapp, Matt Marcinko, Bill Brock, Dan Way, Craig McGhee, Don Woodworth

Sports Compact (12 Laps) – Tim Dunn, Nate Plantz, Scott Schafer, Nick Stokes

Open Wheel (10 Laps) – Murray Walts, Mark Chrzanowski

Super Stocks (20 Laps)– Dennis Petrus, Ike Stone, Keith Doxtater, Rick Marshall, Dave Pope, Jason Dinzler, Randy Widrick, Mike Ramos, Pete Wilsie, John Van Tassel, Lou Higby, Rich Contryman, Ben Van Tassel (DNS)

Thunder Stocks (10 Laps) – Billy Matteson

Women’s Truck (12 Laps) – Jenn Burnash, Brittany Schroy, Nichole Rombough, Heather Hardy (DNS), Tiassa Hardy (DNS)