Laura Brazak Announces Candidacy for Oswego County Legislature, District #20

OSWEGO TOWN – Laura Brazak, of 830 County Route 20, announces her candidacy for the 20th District of the Oswego County Legislature.

Laura Brazak has announced she is running for County Legislator, 20th District.
Laura Brazak has announced she is running for County Legislator, 20th District.

Laura is a first-time candidate seeking the Democratic nomination.

Laura, a resident of the Town of Oswego for the past three years, is optimistic about the county’s future.

After having lived and worked in the city of Syracuse for the past two decades, she decided she needed a change and started taking classes part-time at Syracuse University.

She recently graduated summa cum laude from SUNY Oswego with a degree in political science and sustainability studies.

Prior to her return to school, she owned and operated a successful photography business. She intends to bring some new and innovative approaches to help Oswego County capitalize on its considerable assets.

She stresses the importance of a proactive county legislature that is better able to respond to opportunities such as the governor’s $500 million competition for economic development and NYSERDA’s smart grid funding competition.

Implementing long-term strategic planning goals for the area that address infrastructure issues and budget constraints will require some innovative solutions, and Laura is up for the challenge.

“This area is blessed in a lot of respects. Oswego County is lucky in ways that areas in the Southwest, for example, are not. We have enough water, good soil and a lot of natural beauty,” she said.“Economic development that is strategic and sustainable, job creation and retention, nurturing vibrant and walkable downtowns and main streets, as well as the nuts and bolts of infrastructure maintenance and services delivery are also areas that I hope to be able to impact in a positive way.”

“Bringing people together, building community and cultivating civic pride are all part of the big picture that contributes to a better quality of life for residents of Oswego County. I look forward to the campaign, meeting as many people as possible in the coming months, and being your representative in the legislature,” she continued.

For more information, look up Laura’s page on Facebook:

She can also be reached at (315) 263-7670 or [email protected]

The election will be held on Tuesday, November 3.