Lawrence F. Croucher, 63

OSWEGO, NY – Lawrence F. Croucher, 63, of Oswego died Friday July 4, 2014, in University Hospital, Syracuse.

He was born in Syracuse, the son of the late Leslie and Anna (Perry) Croucher.

Lawrence F. Croucher
Lawrence F. Croucher

Larry was a plant pathologist and crop consultant for Crop Production Services, of Sodus, NY.

He is survived by his wife of eight years, Joyce Croucher of Oswego; children Benjamin (Melanie) Croucher of Pennsylvania, Carrie Croucher of Boston, Sean Croucher of Hawaii; stepchildren Judith (Eric) Emerling of Springville, Tanya Kszystyniak of Ithaca, Joshua Kszystyniak of Syracuse; his brother, Thomas (Sonia) Croucher of Indiana; and four grandchildren.

Funeral services will be conducted Tuesday 11 a.m. at the Sugar & Scanlon Funeral Home, Oswego.

Burial will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Fulton.

Calling hours will be Monday 4 – 7 p.m. at the funeral home, 147 W. Fourth St., Oswego.

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  1. Joyce,

    I’m so saddened to hear of Larry’s having gone to sleep with his ancestors. (1 Kings 2:10) I just learned of it this past week when I asked Tim @CPS if you guys were back up from the South. I inquired because I was hoping to find time in our busy lives to stop by and visit this summer. As hard as it is with the acute nearness of his passing , cherish the memories of your great times together. I know he cherished you and his family dearly. Someday, soon ( quite possibly in our lifetime), when Christ returns at His Second Coming, Larry shall rise again in the Resurrection at the Last Day.(John 11:24). Then if we have remained alive , and faithful, until that great day, we will be will be caught up together with those loved ones that have just been resurrected, and raised up into to the clouds and “together” meet Lord in the air. This will be the first time any of us will see our wonderful Lord, face to face! (1 Thessalonians 4:16-18). Just before my Dad went to sleep for the last time, Sally and I had been hiking in Morgan Hill State forest and found a small grave site with 3 stone monuments erected. One quoted Psalms 116:15. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” My dad found great comfort in these words, as I do also, knowing that God is relieved when one of His own enters his final rest because the adversary can no longer torment him, while trying to get him to turn away from God.

    I had many, sometimes long, conversations with Larry regarding God and the truths in the Bible during the years that he worked under the various names that his company went through. Larry’s kindness and diligence was evidence that God was working in his life. Take heart we will see him again on the last day.

    Also, please don’t beat yourself up over the tragic circumstances of the accident. I’ve started to pull across an intersection after looking both ways only to have another vehicle fly by within a few inches of my front grill. It left me shaking. I can only figure that the reason I did not see that car was that when I looked, the roof supports on either side of the windshield had blocked it from my vision. Just the wrong circumstances of timing and vision obstruction. Sadly this kind of accident happens often.

    God Bless you and the rest of your family at this time of great loss; but, continue looking forward, in confidence of God’s hope inspiring promises, to that great final day of this troublesome world. What a sweet reunion that will be!


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