Learn to Sail Summer Program Scheduled

OSWEGO, NY – The H. Lee White Maritime Museum’s Learn to Sail Summer program offers a variety of youth and adult sailing classes to help community members experience the enjoyment of our amazing waterfront.

Learn to Sail
Learn to Sail

The classes will run through July and early August and cover a variety of skill levels. They are instructed by a U.S. Sailing Association certified instructor.

This program has a long history of teaching water safety and boat handling to those 9 years old and up and is an excellent way to make people feel comfortable around boats and the water.

Classes available for this 2015 season are Basic- Youth (9-17 years old) and Adult, Intermediate- Youth/Adult and Redbook- Youth/Adult. The courses are approximately ten-hours each. Small class size ensures a positive and safe learning experience.

Students will learn sailing fundamentals, safe boat handling and water survival.

All students practice floating fully clothed and the wearing of a personal floatation device, boating safety techniques, capsize survival and recovery, hypothermia prevention and emergency signals.

The first level course teaches basic sailing skills.

Students learn to face challenges, overcome obstacles and develop confidence in their skills.

The fee is $65 for youth and $165 for adults.

Intermediate classes are for sailors that have gone through the basics but want to have more time to develop their skills and confidence on the water and to prepare for the Red Book course. The fees are $75 youth and $175 for adults.

Red Book is offered for advanced sailors and is a US Sailing course designed for students who have completed the Basics at a minimum. Each student learns to sail solo in this 10-hour course and works toward mastering 27 sailing skills including rigging, knots and the rules of the road.

A student is not expected to master all 27 skill areas during just one course and may require additional classes.

The fee is $75/youth and $185 adult.

“Our goal is to offer courses so that anyone can feel comfortable participating in sailing recreational activities on our waterways,”said Mercedes Niess, HLWMM, executive director.

Information on Youth and Adult Sailing, Family or Couple Sailing classes is available by calling the museum or checking the website.

Contact the Museum at 315-342-0480 or www.hlwmm.org or facebook.com/hlwmm to register and for other programming and events.