Learning Fair at Parish Elementary School

<p>Parish Elementary School student Peyton Flanagan shows fellow classmate Olivia Dalin the route that the Titanic took before it collided with an iceberg on April 14, 1912. Peyton is a kindergarten student at the school and was one of 120 students from kindergarten through grade four that volunteered to participate in and create a project for the school’s Learning Fair that took place first week of May. Peyton, like the other 120 participants, worked outside of school hours to explore a topic of interest and then created a presentation about the topic for display at the fair. Peyton’s project included a map of the ship’s route, a replica of the ship and also some pictures and a write-up of the information he learned following a visit to see Carol Robinson, the granddaughter of Titanic survivor Mary Wilburn. Mrs. Robinson shared some of her grandmother’s story with Peyton during his visit and showed him the shawl that her grandmother worn while aboard a lifeboat. Pictures of the visit are also above, next to the mapped route.</p>
<p>Peyton Flanagan with the model he made of the Titanic.</p>
<p>Parish Elementary School (PES) fourth grade students Haylee Henry, left, and Amber Amidon created an aquaponics herb garden for the school’s Learning Fair. As illustrated in their poster above, aquaponics is a food production system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics. Water from the fish tank located on the bottom of the cart, specifically the fish waste which gets converted to nitrates, feeds the basil, mint and parsley plants located on the top of the cart. Nearly 120 students, including Haylee and Amber, participated in the school’s Learning Fair by exploring, researching and creating a project on their own time, outside of school hours. Highlights from the fair included an egg candling display, volcano models, a replica of the Titanic, and a moving robot.</p>