Legislator Disagrees With NYS Assembly’s Reaction to Nuclear Subsidies

To The Editor:

This past summer, the expected closure of the FitzPatrick nuclear facility in Scriba was avoided.

All 615 jobs were saved as a result of strong interventions by Governor Andrew Cuomo and his staff.

The process took months of work and every aspect of it was open to the public.

To help save the jobs, subsidies were created as part of the Governor’s Clean Energy Standard which enabled Exelon to buy the FitzPatrick plant from Entergy.

Those subsidies are generated through small increases in our electric bills.

Every consumer statewide is contributing to this and benefiting from it.

All of the negotiations which eventually arrived at this solution to make the environment safer, save the jobs, save our local economy and prevent Oswego County taxes from going up was not done behind any close doors.

In fact, the New York State Public Service Commission, which oversees the electric industries, held 24 public hearings on this matter and anyone who was interested could have submitted testimony and added their input.

Earlier this month, the Federal Government gave final approval to the transfer of ownership from Entergy to Exelon.

Now, after all of this, New York State Assembly members (and some Senators) from the Downstate New York City and Long Island area are basically saying: “FOUL! We had no say in this!”

A few weeks ago, four Assembly Committees held a joint Legislative hearing on the Clean Energy Standards.

In addition to that, I was very disappointed to learn that some bills have been introduced in Albany that if enacted, would jeopardize the subsidies that saved the upstate nuclear facilities and their jobs.

Well, I respectfully disagree with those Assembly members, even though I’m a member of their political party.

They had months and months to contribute their points of view and choose not to.

Again, this was not done in secret.

This late grandstanding on their part is not helping Oswego County or New York State.

Thankfully, Governor Cuomo and his staff will continue to advocate for a better environment, and for Upstate Jobs.

Dan Farfaglia
Oswego County Legislator
Fulton, Granby, Minetto and Oswego Town


  1. My only question is why didn”t the employees offer any concessions. Probably everyone that works there makes well above the average pay in Oswego County. Now everyone in the state has to help subsidize the company that they work for. It is not fair to the people.4

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