Legislator: Ethics Complaint Unanimously Dismissed By County Board of Ethics

To the Residents of Oswego County:

Since 2006, I have faithfully served as an Oswego County Legislator.

Today, I am very pleased to announce that the Ethics Complaint filed against me last December by former County Legislature Chairman Barry Leemann has been unanimously dismissed by the Oswego County Board of Ethics as being meritless.

The baseless charges stemmed from the Town of Richland’s decision to house the Town Historian’s Office in the Pulaski Courthouse, which is owned by the county.

I make this announcement because while ethics proceedings are intended to be confidential, someone in county government deliberately leaked the complaint and its unfounded allegations, in its entirety, to the press before I had been served.

In fact, I first learned about the complaint from a member of the press, who called to interview me on the pending allegations.

I am particularly proud of my record as a legislator, including my questioning of whether certain public contracts are corrupt or unlawful.

I ask the public to consider whether the manufacture and publicizing of unfounded ethics charges constitute a misuse of the process in an attempt to silence or intimidate an elected official, and whether this abuse of the ethics process is a violation of the public trust.

Shawn P. Doyle,
Oswego County Legislator 3rd District (Village of Pulaski and Town of Richland)

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  1. Legislator Doyle, I would like to thank you for your service to our County. It is a breath of fresh air to see that someone like you cares for all of the residents of the County. This complaint against you was meritless from the onset. Those of us who follow County politics knew it was nothing more than an attempt to smear you in the public eye. I saw it immediately because I have been involved in politics as you are aware. Perhaps an investigation should be held to determine who leaked the information to the press. It is no different than a Grand Juror leaking information about a case presented to the Grand Jury. It cannot be done and there are consequences if it is. You have an outstanding record amongst your constituents. You should be very proud of your accomplishments. I remember campaigning in Pulaski and I can tell you that everyone I spoke to had nothing but praise for your work in the community.

    I must tell you that the whole process of how Mr. Leeman was allowed to file this unwarranted Complaint, all in an attempt to frighten you into not doing your job makes me very upset and causes me to lose faith in our political leaders and County government.

    Please continue your efforts to help our County. You are an outstanding asset to our community. Thank you for all of your efforts not only as Legislator but also in your work preserving the history of this great County.

    Salvatore F. Lanza Esq.
    Fulton, N.Y.

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